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It's no coincidence that the Mission Journey carries the same specs as one of the most popular Mathews bows ever, the Switchback XT.

Riser & LimbsThe dipped camo finish available on the Journey is Advantage Max-4 and provides the same durability that Mathews is famous for.
StringZebra Hybrid strings are used on the Journey which are a step down from the Zebra Barracuda strings used on higher end Mathews bows.
Eccentric SystemYou will notice a perimeter weighted single cam and idler wheel on the Mission Journey.
Silencing PackageThe silencing package on the Journey includes the Cable-X silencers and string suppressors at the limb tips. Comparison: Mission Journey vs Mathews Switchback XTThe overall shape, specs, and speed of the Mission Journey very closely reflects that of the Mathews Switchback XT with the biggest difference being the price.

ValueWhen considering the used price of the Mission Journey today, the value is incredible. SummaryThe Mission Journey is a great shooting bow that can be found for a very reasonable price and would make a great bow for any level archer.

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