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Begin by drawing the left side of the box (shown at the top of the lesson) using the line command. In the image above hatches and dimensions marked in green colour are annotative whereas for black coloured hatch and dimension they are non-annotative. Click on show annotation objects and add scales to annotative objects when the annotation scale changes icons on status toggles, take reference of image below more. While adding scales you might have noticed that in model space size of non-annotative remains same whereas for annotative objects size changes in the same proportion in which you are applying scale. Annotative objects are added in a drawing to maintain consistency of size for some objects along different scales and to give your drawing clutter free and appealing look. I am mechanical engineer from India with a modest experience in AutoCAD and related CAD tools.
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Create a text style called Left, and give it a 30o obliquing angle, then create another called right with a -30o obliquing angle.
In order to keep size of certain symbols equal for all scales in plot it is necessary to give and object annotative property and apply scales for all output sizes. From a readability point of view we need uniform size of text and dimensions no matter what size of output is hence we make text and dimensions Annotative so that these objects retain their original size for all scales even when size of rest of the drawing objects will change accordingly.
This is what you will obtain as output from your viewports after changing scales, note that size of dimension and gap between hatches remain unchanged in all the scales of annotative objects. So in order to apply annotative property to an object you need to apply it on each and every scale which you plan to take output of your drawing in. It also reduces the burden of changing scale of all objects manually if drawing scale change is recommended at a later stage of drafting process.

In my short career I have mostly worked as Corporate trainer and my specialization was well… you guessed it right AutoCAD. Click Trim, select all 4 line by clicking bottom right corner to upper left corner (selecting by green box, select right to left. Text is actual geometry so the color of the switch can be changed to match paint or change the color. After you have placed a dimension, use the DIMEDIT command to change the obliquing angle of the dimension + or - 30 degrees.
You may also need to use the properties to change the text in the dimension to left or right depending upon the orientation of the dimension.

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