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The show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, tested their idea for the show by cutting together a fake trailer, with clips from over 25 movies.
Millie Bobby Brown (AKA Eleven) was actually recognized for being a great actress by the one and only Stephen King back in 2014 when he saw her in “Intruders,” which probably gave her a leg-up in the casting process. Gaten Matarazzo, AKA Dustin, had a major voice change during filming, so they weren’t able to use his voice for additional dialogue recording at the end of production. 1200 pounds of Epsom salt were used to make Eleven float in the kiddie pool (AKA sensory deprivation pool). Steve and Nancy were never supposed to reconcile at the end of the show, but the actor, Joe Keery, was so likeable in real life that they changed his character.

The Duffer brothers have a 30-page document mapping out the Upside Down, and what exactly the monster is.
The perfect accessory to all those internet dating apps you have… Get theCHIVE on your phone now! As many of you might know, we’ve been working on a social networking campaign for LDS teens ages 13-17.
For over eight months Libi from Michigan, Bekah from Arizona, and Seanna and Cade from Utah-all teens- have been meeting once a week with myself and other Upward Reach staff.
Young Adults strengthening ourelves in virtuous living by connecting through social networking in order to: 1) Raise awareness of the effects of pornography.

The mission is accomplished in part by teaching LDS doctrine and principles through the various delivery system. Think Twice is a social networking group of teens that empowers ourselves to harness the awesomeness within ourselves to be leaders, trend-setters, and positive influence.

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