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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. IMPORTANT: IT IS MANDATORY TO INCLUDE THE ABC VISA REQUEST FORM WITH EVERY SERVICE REQUEST. No field should be left blank.Under marital status, if you mark anything other than"Single", you must fill in spousal information.
5) Proof of accommodations ( the Embassy Requires original document for Tourist), or Confirmed hotel reservations.
For other nationalities: click here9) Travel insurance, click here to find out witch nationalities are subjectto this requirement.
11) A company letter stating the name and position of the applicant in the company, purpose of visit, business contact, duration of stay and financial support while in Algeria, only original document will be accepted. 13) A work permit and letter of repatriation, both documents MUST be originals and issued by the Algerian authorities, department of labor. The accuracy and completion of your application form and the rest of the requirements will assist us to secure your visa in the timeliest manner. You may need our Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report®, CGFNS Certification Program®, or Credential Verification Service for New York State®. Our VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment may be required to obtain your Occupational Visa.

A value-added service that reviews and verifies transcripts, licenses and other documents from primary sources for authenticity. This service replaces the current Forwarding of Transcripts and Licenses service and provides enhanced benefits, including name of school attended, language of instruction, type of program and verification of CGFNS Certification Program, VisaScreen®, and International Standards for Professional Nurses (ISPN) certification status, if applicable. With the rise in fraudulent documents and identity thefts, regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and employers rely on CGFNS International to authenticate and verify education and professional documents. During the application, please submit a photocopy of your secondary school diploma or external exam certificate for the highest level of secondary education you have received. Please submit a complete academic record or transcript from all relevant educational institutions for the profession being screened.
The education before 6 years is termed as pre-primary education or kindergarten education and is divided into two groups.
The primary goal of this level of education is to provide all the children with a common education which makes it possible for them to acquire the basic cultural elements, learning oral expression, writing and arithmetic, as well as a progressive self-sufficiency of action in their environment. If the CGFNS ID Number Finder appears, and you are a returning customer, enter your information.
1) Post secondary occupational training, an extension of the occupational training allows students to further enhance their training to a higher level and lasts either one or two years 2) University education and admission into it is determined by a university entrance exam which is held in each June. According to this law, education in Spain is compulsory and should be free from “six years to sixteen years of age”.

The secondary education is divided into two cycles 1) 12 to 14 years (first cycle) 2) 14 to 16 years (second cycle) During this stage, the average number of students in a class is around 30 in the Spanish schools.
1) The first group, called primary education, is for students between the ages of 6 and 12. The subject categories available are o Arts o Natural and health sciences o humanities and social sciences o technology 2) Training for occupations will allow a student to take their studies for only specific jobs and is often an the choice for those who want a less academic course.
2) 12 to 16 years ( called secondary education) The primary education is divided into three cycles 1) 6 to 8 years (first cycle) 2) 8 to 10 years (second cycle) 3) 10 to 12 years (third cycle) During this stage, the average number of students in a class is around 25 in the Spanish schools. Upon obtaining this qualification the student is then allowed to enter the workforce in their field, or can enroll in another technical program that combines all of the specialized courses that are required. In the first cycle you can anticipate two to three years of education that consists of general education studies in the major that you have chosen. In the second cycle there is an additional two to three years of further education required. Doctoral programs generally require two years of further study and consist of both coursework and a dissertation.

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