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Use the ALTER TABLE statement to alter the definition of a nonpartitioned table, a partitioned table, a table partition, or a table subpartition. The table must be in your own schema, or you must have ALTER object privilege on the table, or you must have ALTER ANY TABLE system privilege. Additional Prerequisites for Partitioning Operations If you are not the owner of the table, then you need the DROP ANY TABLE privilege in order to use the drop_table_partition or truncate_table_partition clause. You must also have space quota in the tablespace in which space is to be acquired in order to use the add_table_partition, modify_table_partition, move_table_partition, and split_table_partition clauses. Additional Prerequisites for Constraints and Triggers To enable a unique or primary key constraint, you must have the privileges necessary to create an index on the table. To enable or disable triggers, the triggers must be in your schema or you must have the ALTER ANY TRIGGER system privilege. Additional Prerequisites When Using Object Types To use an object type in a column definition when modifying a table, either that object must belong to the same schema as the table being altered, or you must have either the EXECUTE ANY TYPE system privilege or the EXECUTE schema object privilege for the object type.

To use the flashback_archive_clause to enable historical tracking for the table, you must have the FLASHBACK ARCHIVE object privilege on the flashback data archive that will contain the historical data. Many clauses of the ALTER TABLE statement have the same functionality they have in a CREATE TABLE statement. Operations performed by the ALTER TABLE statement can cause Oracle Database to invalidate procedures and stored functions that access the table. If you alter a table that is a master table for one or more materialized views, then Oracle Database marks the materialized views INVALID. Restrictions on Altering Temporary Tables You can modify, drop columns from, or rename a temporary table.
Specify the following clauses of the LOB_storage_clause for an added or modified LOB column: TABLESPACE, storage_clause, logging_clause, allocate_extent_clause, or deallocate_unused_clause. Specify the physical_attributes_clause, nested_table_col_properties, parallel_clause, allocate_extent_clause, deallocate_unused_clause, or any of the index-organized table clauses.

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For object tables or relational tables with object columns, use ALTER TABLE to convert the table to the latest definition of its referenced type after the type has been altered. You need these privileges because Oracle Database creates an index on the columns of the unique or primary key in the schema containing the table. To use the flashback_archive_clause to disable historical tracking for the table, you must have the FLASHBACK ARCHIVE ADMINSTER system privilege or you must be logged in as SYSDBA. For information on how and when the database invalidates such objects, see Oracle Database Advanced Application Developer's Guide.

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