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For those of you who don’t spend hours a day on WebMD, you might not know that there’s a technical term for your ailment.
Through his latest venture, Corporate Vision Consulting, he addresses the high-stress area of vision demands in relation to working with visual displays and counsels on how to avoid eye and vision problems for those who work frequently with computers. We asked Anshel for 10 tips to help the rest of us avoid the dreaded CVS!
For maximum eye comfort, place the center of the screen five to nine inches below your horizontal line of sight. Studies show that when looking at a computer or digital screen, people spend more time concentrating and blink less frequently (up to three times less than normal). For those who work in front of a computer or digital screen all day long, annual eye exams are a must. There have been several studies that show that people hold digital material closer than they would if they were looking at printed materials, like a newspaper. Many people tend to situate their work so that they are constantly looking off to one side or flat on the table next to the screen.
For additional tips, take the “Eye Q’s & Views” Quiz to see if there is anything you can do to help prevent or reduce the development of vision-related problems. Courtney Boyd Myers is the founder of audience.io, a transatlantic company designed to help New York and London based technology startups grow internationally. Previously, she was the Features Editor and East Coast Editor of TNW covering New York City startups and digital innovation.
This is easy to fix - your screen resolution has changed, probably because you pressed a shortcut key by mistake. When you glance at the desktop below, you will quickly lose the chaos, overwhelming feelings and stress! I created a Chalkboard Computer Desktop Wallpaper Organizer with text that would be common to most users. But there are many of you who would like to create your own text for each box.
For a Mac, you can select the System Preferences from the Apple Menu, then click on Displays. I used to leave the internet running on my desktop and just close it when done, but now I minimize the page so the desktop is what I see when I open it.
Hello… love this idea and so looking forward to using this for the new year when I get back to work. I am not sure Lisa, I believe you can only set one background image for both..maybe a little Googling could help you figure this out? Enabling Devices is a company dedicated to developing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people of all ages with disabling conditions. Boundless Assistive Technology focuses on providing the best assistive technology products, service, and support. EnableMart is the one stop solution for over 3,000 Assistive Technology devices from over 200 manufacturers. Able Net provides educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources. Lauren Lewis began working at the Friendship Circle in May 2012 as the Communications and Event Coordinator. With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to.
Thank you for writing back.Were you able to see the slider for the brightness of the screen? You just need to install the drivers of the motherboard so that the display or video card will work.

Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. Can i do it the other way around – like controlling my Spotify app on my Android from my PC ?
I love the this feature – even though it confused me a little bit a first when my sister played her music in my home from college but I digress -. I want to stream music from my Android phone to my iPad, where the iPad receives and plays the music and the Android sends the music. According to Wikipedia, “computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time. With all seriousness, give this list a read and you’ll be feeling less cranky and stressed in no time. No matter where your computer screen is relative to a window, adjustable shades, curtains or blinds should be used to effectively control light throughout the day. Long periods of non-blinking can cause the surface of your eyes and contact lenses to dry out, which can lead to discomfort and loss of visual clarity. Alter the brightness of your display so it is the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation. Use the “One Third Rule.” With your monitor on, displaying a typical document or email you use every day, move back from the screen until it just starts to become blurred.
If at any time you experience any vision problems or discomfort, talk to your eye care professional.
There is also a no-text Chalkboard Computer Desktop Wallpaper Organizer available for you to download and add your own steps. Devices for those with hearing impairment, low vision, the need for a communication device, visual learners, and so much more are available here.
EnableMart excels at finding the right Assistive Technology products to meet customers’ needs.
After participating in Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan and meeting some amazing kids with special needs, Lauren fell in love with the cause and never stopped advocating. When a student has special needs, those emotions are magnified and the checklists are multiplied.
I know you cover alot of the technology side of disabled products so thought youd like to hear! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist you today.What is the operating system of the computer where this monitor is connected?
It appears now that your display adapter drivers are not installed thus the system is using generic drivers.Can you please tell me the name of your motherboard? It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around.
Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.
Boom, you should see your currently-playing song, with the option to skip, pause, rewind, or adjust the volume.
When it comes time to play something else, tap the Browse button at the upper right, where you can see your playlists and favorites, as well as searching for any other artist, album, or track on Spotify.
Just tap one of the sections at the bottom of the screen, and the list will appear right away. You can play songs one at a time and skip between already-playing playlists just fine, but if you want to play a whole album or playlist in a row, you might need to walk over to the computer.
You can keep the Remoteless app running on your iPhone, so that you don’t need to start it up from scratch every time you want to control the music.

I am sure many people out there have Macbooks or iMacs and also have an Android phone or tablet. Anshel, an optometrist nationally recognized for his expertise as a computer vision specialist. Avoid facing an un-shaded window, as the difference in brightness between the screen and the outdoors may cause eye stress and discomfort.
Talk to an eye care professional about lenses that provide wearers with increased moisture all day. When reading long documents, modify them so they you are reviewing black print on a white background. Make a conscious effort to hold digital devices like your smart phone, farther away from your eyes than normal; adjust the settings if needed to enable larger print.
Affix a spring-loaded document holder to your monitor, so that the eyes can focus and converge in their normal plane of motion (i.e. Their mission is to bring awareness to the forefront of the community and to increase the number of individuals using Assistive Technology, thus providing the link to the benefits that these technologies offer, and ultimately to embrace a life without limitation.
Their products are used in hundreds of thousands of homes, clinics, and classrooms in the United States and across the globe. Also, do you have an external video card attached to the computer?Please locate for drivers CD that came with your computer and install them. The full functionality of your video system will only be available when the video card drivers are installed.
You can download it here, or if a new version has come out since we wrote this tutorial, check for that here.
There is currently no Spotify remote control that is available for free on iOS (please let us know if you find one), so there’s really no way around this at the moment. In my case, that means eliotvb (my Spotify name) and PHEEDOT (the name of my Windows machine… long story).
Anshel has extensively studied Computer Vision Syndrome, electronics and their impact on the eyes and is the author of several books about healthier eyes and visual ergonomics in the workplace. If you see a light bulb or other bright source of light behind you, you need to reposition your monitor to reduce the glare. This means I can’t wash my windows, open them up and have the fresh air blow though the house, or clean out the garage or work in the flower beds! They are required for the system to function fully specially the video drivers.If you know the model of the motherboard (just take a peek of the motherboard inside the box and the model shall be printed in the body of the motherboard. Also, since this is a custom-built system, the drivers for the video card should be in the box of the motherboard.
Once you have that installed, the app automatically run when you start Windows, so you won’t need to deal with it in the future.
However, if you listen to a lot of Spotify on your computer this is easily worth it — especially considering the cost of traditional hardware remote controls. When I get the model, I can give you a download link for the display drivers that your system needs. We recommend listening to something in Spotify at this point, because installing software without music playing is a losing proposition. But if you still have the drivers CD, you can install it to make your display drivers work.An example of a motherboard model is this image below.

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