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Jennings has been among the leading compound bow manufacturers since they were invented in the mid-60s.
Measure your comfort level from the tip of your ear the bow is pulled to, the corner of your mouth and the tip of your nose.
Adjust the draw length to the corrected and measured length and shooting posture with the set screw located on the cam. To adjust the draw length on a compound bow, the process normally involves the use of a bow press.
How to Adjust the Draw Length on a Jennings Compound Bow - eHowHow to Adjust the Draw Length on a Jennings Compound Bow. MANUFACTURERS - Schupbachs Sporting GoodsThe Velocitec Cam System will soon be referred to as the Cam of the Future. What draw length module number for 27 on jennings buckmasterchange the pull module on the super cam 1 inch longer or shorter per module . Understand the Basics of Tuning Compound Bow Cam SystemsMy first compound bow was a Jennings Trail Boss . Bows 1980-1989 - Click Photos to Zoom - Archery Historyfeatured 3 weight adjustment system, Martin Onza .

I recently purchased this bow only to find out the draw length is too big and the cams to adjust the draw are nearly impossible to find in the size I need. Martin Archery 1977 catalog page The Dynabo had a positive draw stop, was the first all string compound and easy take down feature. Its inventor, a mechanic named Holless Allen, saw how he could shorten the bow limbs and use pulleys to add strength, speed and accuracy to the bow that had not been possible before.
Check to make sure the first knuckle of your forefinger on your pull hand is resting at the tip of your ear, and the first joint of the forefinger is slanted toward the hinge of your jaw. Adjust the draw length longer if you are too close to the peep and the field of vision is too tight. Since then, Jennings compound bows have been a popular choice for many archery enthusiasts and hunters.
Have someone measure the entire span from the tip of your middle finger, to the tip of your other middle finger. Use these three reference points to find your anchor point; check proper shooting posture and correct draw length. Work with the draw length until you are able to focus in on the peep site and what you see through it; and obviously, shorten the draw length if you are too far from the peep.

Use a screwdriver to back the screw out; then, tighten gradually to adjust as you repeatedly draw the bow and measure resistance and draw length comfort level.
Achieve a consistent shot by properly setting up the brace height, arrow knocking point and arrow launcher. Of course, accuracy is the name of the archery game, and Jennings has been a consistent deliverer of that accuracy. Remember that draw length is as personal as your height, since most normally developed people will have an arm span equal to their height.
Elite binary system is comprised of two symmetric cams that are timed and shot at the factory to ensure . To maximize shooter accuracy, establishing and setting the bow to its most exact draw length is one of the main keys. The carbon fiber limb design, seen in the ellipse on each bow limb, incorporates multiple layers of .

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