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If Host + D doesn't work, click on the Devices option of your virtualbox and you will see "Install Guest Additions" option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged virtualbox or ask your own question.
If you installed the guest additions, you need to reboot the VBox and the changes will take effect.
But Preview is a surprisingly powerful app for doing photo editing, and I have to admit that it’s become one of my go-to apps when I need to quickly edit, adjust, and otherwise make images snazzy for web posting. What are some of the things you can do to your photos in Preview?Adjust Color: Sometimes your photos may need a little bit of color adjustment.
Perhaps a shadow is obscuring a detail you want people to see, maybe the photo is slightly over or underexposed.
I was surprised to find that the image I used in this post was slightly underexposed — a shocker considering it was taken under bright lighting conditions. Adjusting exposure by hand can be done with the Exposure slider, going from dark (underexposed) on the far left to washed-out (overexposed) on the far right.The Contrast slider, of course, adjusts image contrast. That’s the difference in luminance or color that makes an object in an image distinguishable. It’s useful in making a blue sky seem even more intense, or bringing the colors in a photo from dull to exciting. Moving the Saturation slide to the left removes saturation from an image, with the full left setting turning the photo into a monochrome (grayscale) image.Temperature denotes the color temperature of an image, either cooler (bluish) or warmer (orange).
The Temperature slider is perfect for adjusting the color of images taken under fluorescent light (which appear cooler) or incandescent lights (which appear warmer) to a more natural color.Tint is a bit different from Temperature. Sliding the Tint to the magenta (right) end can correct the green skin and turn a photo flop into a winner.Have you ever wanted to turn a photo into an old-time sepia-toned print?
Then add the desired amount of sepia tint to the grayscale image with the Sepia slider (see images below).Using Preview to change a color photo (left) to a sepia-tone photo (right)Finally, we come to the Sharpness slider.
While it won’t fix badly focused photos, it can provide more or less detail in items that are in focus.

All three of these actions produce the same result.Once your image is cropped to create the composition you want, you can resize it. What it does is give you an opportunity to remove unwanted backgrounds by turning them into a transparent alpha channel.
The Instant Alpha tool looks like a magic wand and is found in the toolbar; click it to select it, then click, drag and hold on the sky in the image. Sometimes, you may need to remove the background a section at a time.Once an area is highlighted, you remove it by pressing the delete key on your keyboard. By selecting the entire image with the sky removed, copying it, and pasting it onto an image of the Andromeda Galaxy, I was able to make the rather cheesy sci-fi image seen below.
Most of the time, the forms are designed to be filled out electronically, and Preview is a perfect app to use for doing that.
You have two choices for creating signatures; first, if you have a trackpad you can write on it with a stylus or your finger. Write your signature on a piece of white paper with a pen or pencil, then hold it in front of the camera. There’s a blue line that appears in the capture window in Preview so that you can align your signature properly. You’ll see them appear in a drop-down when you click on the signature button in the Preview toolbar, and selecting any one of them pastes it into your current document. Handles appear on the corners of the signature for resizing it, and you can also click and drag the signature anywhere on the document for proper placement.4) Create Internet Memes OK, this is stretching the usefulness of Preview a bit, but it sure is fun!
Double-click the word to change it to whatever you need it to be, and when you’re done typing you can start changing the size, color, typeface and style of the text. Change the text to a color that grabs attention, and you’re ready to become Twitter or Facebook famous. Well, maybe your cat will become famous…5) Make a Contact Sheet or Slideshow in Seconds Finally, here are two more Preview tricks that are quite useful. Back in the days of film photography, photographers liked to make contact sheets to figure out what was on all of those 35mm negative strips.

Save the screenshot with a name, and you have a quick and easy reference sheet of all of the images that you originally chose. Your images are expanded to their largest size on your display, and automatically forwards through the photos one at a time. Don't plunk down your hard earned money on a new Mac when an upgraded Mac can run faster than a new Mac. We have the best upgrades and support for Macs:OWC Memory The easiest and most cost effective way to get the most from your Mac. Open and create more at one time with less slowdowns.OWC SSDs SSDs are up the 91 times faster than a hard drive. OWC Install Videos guide you step-by-step so you can experience the blazing performance difference an OWC SSD offers.OWC External Drives Easily expand your storage with durable external drives from OWC.
From bus-powered portables to massive capacity desktop models, our external drives are time-tested and industry trusted to provide you great reliable storage whatever your needs may be.OWC Optical Drives Who says the optical drive is dead? Optical storage offers a great way to archive data long term, and Blu-ray media offers a tremendous amount of storage in a single disc. High-quality meets high-performance with OWC Memory, OWC SSDs (we have upgrades for Air and Retina too!), OWC Drives, Thunderbolt drives and accessories, optical drives, batteries and more.
Drag the slider for size up or down to make the selection area larger or smaller, and drag the Strength slider to the right to make your resulting clone more opaque (or to the left to make it more transparent).Now, take your finger and paint on the screen in the location you want to add the object you selected. You’ll get an array of interesting tools, like Blur, Vignette, Light Leak, and Hue and Saturation filters that you can stack on top of each other with ease.
Just tap each one in turn and adjust the radial sliders, making your simple photo into a work of art.

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