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As far as youth and children go, this compound is only rivaled by the Bear Archery Apprentice 2. What’s particularly interesting about this compound is the diversity of draw weight and draw length settings. Keep in mind that from a young archer’s perspective, shooting speed is not that important. The cams are not aggressive at all, and ramp up to peak draw weight happens slowly and very smoothly. Since the Infinite Edge is mostly for young beginner archers, it needs to be very light-weight so as not to over-tax the muscles and to make it comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time.
If you ever need to silence the bow even further, get a bow stabilizer, some rubber string whisker silencers, and maybe a Hush Kit for the limb. This bow was not designed for hunting, however at the higher settings it can definitely be successfully used for that purpose. At maximum settings, the Infinite Edge is more than capable of taking down the largest game in North America, even from as far as 50 yards away.
As this is mostly a beginner bow, not a lot of fancy technologies were used when manufacturing this Diamond compound. The primary selling point of this bow is the wide range of adjustability and a very beginner-friendly draw cycle.
I've googled the crap out of it, looked at all the diamond manuals (none describe the PLA module), and can't find anything. Watch as you move the module to the 27 inch position.There may be a set of holes halfway between the 28 and 27 set. To set the draw-stop, start short by moving it a full mark(or more)shorter,(lower number) and fine-tune by adjusting for feel(let-off), but make sure the draw-stop contacts limb before or exactly the same time the cable contacts the axle. Set it at 27, and adjust draw-stop to 80%(correctly) than get to an archery shop and have them put 4 twists in the cable, lengthening DL,increasing let-off, and increasing poundage. I've never shot factory length strings, always twisted and tweaked until my bow was 'right' for me, and got the best performance.
Knowing this it is not surprising that the Diamond compound bows are extremely high in quality and precision. The Diamond compound bows have been created with some of the most innovative of technologies in the market today. From here you can visit the individual Diamond bow pages to find the various Diamond compound bow reviews as well as copies of each bow for sale.
The Diamond Black Ice compound bow is another smooth drawing single cam bow delivered by the pinnacle cam. The Diamond Carbon Cure compound bow is an incredibly light parallel limb bow that makes use of the Bowtech forged carbon composite technology. The Diamond Core compound bow is a particularly lightweight compound bow that is suited to the newcomer to the sport with a price tag that is more than reasonable. The Diamond Fugitive compound bow is a speed bow that has been produced at a price that would be unheard of if there were a different brand name heading it.
The Diamond Iceman compound bow is a smooth drawing bow that allows a gradual build up in resistance. The Diamond Marquis compound bow provides significant stability with a long frame and has combined this with some serious speed capabilities. The Diamond Outlaw compound bow is equipped with a range of new features including a new Throttle Cam that has been used in a few of the new Diamond bows.
The Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow is a new bow for the 2013 season that has been designed to cater to the shooter who is looking for a technological edge. The Diamond Prism compound bow is based on Diamond's most popular platform ever, the Edge series.
The Diamond Provider compound bow is a perfectly suited bow for anyone ranging from a first time shooter, to an experienced archer.

The Diamond Razor Edge compound bow is a youth compound bow but it is the type of bow that can conceivably take you right through to your adult years. The Diamond The Rock compound bow features a shorter frame than most other bows and a shorter draw length that makes it a mobile bow that will suit many hunters. The Diamond Dead Eye compound bow is the fastest bow in the Diamond range featuring a lightweight frame and the powerful Throttle Cam, a single-cam system that has been designed to eliminate tuning. The Diamond Stud compound bow is a single cam bow that has been given high praise in archery magazines for the features that have been designed into it and the price for which it is offered.
The Diamond Rapture compound bow has been designed to provide the hunter, as much as possible, with a vibration free bow that draws smoothly and shoots incredibly quietly. The Diamond Atomic is a youth bow that has been released as part of the 2012 season of bows. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The diamond archery edge sb-1 compound bow features the synchronized binary cam and the ez adjust pocket systems.. If you’re looking for a high quality, versatile, feature packed bow, the infinite edge pro is the perfect fit. If you go back to our “kinetic energy of the diamond outlaw” section in this review, you’ll see this compound bow is perfect for a hunter..
If “kinetic energy diamond outlaw” section review, ’ll compound bow perfect hunter.. Tuning proper fit infinite edge pro preset factory specifications 26 inches draw length.
The pulse bow unique post-plantera hardmode bow auto-fires high-velocity glowing white bolt, unaffected gravity, pierce enemies, . Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
You’d be surprised how many ways there are to fold a handkerchief – and your dashing groom certainly deserves this suave touch of class with his suit! Fold right corner to left corner and slightly over to adjust the width to the pocket width. Draw right corner across to the left to adjust for pocket width, and tuck the excess corner around the back. Fold both left and right corners into the centre once again to create a long rectangle shape. Both cams are elliptical and their movement is synchronized together for perfectly straight arrow travel. You’ll want them to focus on proper form and accuracy at short distances, and FPS does not matter much in these scenarios.
At the lower settings, the Kinetic Energy of the Diamond Infinite Edge so low that you won’t be able to harvest even the smallest game.
There are virtually no noticeable humps throughout the cycle, not even right before the Valley. Definitely not as quiet as the more expensive compound bows out there with tons of vibration dampening technology, but still quiet enough not to be annoying whatsoever. This is definitely not a requirement and it’s only something to consider down the road. This is really a one-of-a-kind bow, and while the price tag can seem rather steep as far as entry-level compound bows go, it can grow with the beginner archer for decades.
If you have kids who would like to get into archery, there’s no way you can go wrong with this one. The bows that are made under the Diamond label are the single cam line of bows providing a great deal of adjustability in the draw length as well as smooth timing and a nice fluid draw across all of the bows. The Throttle Cam Technology provides you with the fastest single cam bow available providing great consistency as well as a lot of speed.

At the very least the bows from the Diamond range should be given more than a passing consideration as you search for a new compound bow to buy. While it is a quiet bow on release you will experience some natural vibration even though it is equipped with a vibration-dampening Center-pivot riser technology.
This provides the features for any archer to grow and learn with the sport, such as versatility and adjustability.
The Provider is incredibly light, and has a draw length range designed to grow and grow with the archer. All of the technology that has been packed into the Rapture works towards achieving these goals. His pocket fold can be either the classic white, or in a chosen hue to match the colour scheme. This cam system is really top notch, and don’t let the fact that this bow is marketed for children and youth trick you into thinking otherwise. Unless the shooter is a VERY tall adult, I guarantee a suitable setting for the bow will be found. This smoothness holds true regardless of the settings of the Infinite Edge, which means the draw will remain consistent over the years as you or your kids practice shooting. Even more, a very quiet performance is most important in a hunting scenario, and most beginner children and youth won’t be going hunting.
There is a decent string stopper built into the riser and which will eliminate string vibration. It holds decently well, especially in a smaller palm, but I’ve just gotten so used to the ergonomic, thermal grips found on $750+ bows that the one included on this model seemed a little cheap to me. You can change the settings of the bow to suit the growing needs and experience level of your kids, and the bow will still be a top performer even once they become strong and experienced.
With model names such as the Iceman, Black Ice, Razor Edge, Stud and the Nuclear Ice there is a bow that has been designed for mom, dad and the kids to take out and enjoy. The Center-Lock limb pocket design is another contributor to the fight for maximum precision. Earlier Diamond bows that are still worth looking out for include: Iceman and Marquis among others. We have selected the five most popular options for you to try with step by step instructions - see which one he likes best!
These cams are very smooth, which sacrifices a tiny bit of speed (FPS) in exchange for a starter-friendly draw cycle.
See our guide on determining REAL bow speed to understand how different settings will affect actual shooting speed. However, there is virtually zero hand-shock, which was quite a surprise for me and my younger sister as well. While you definitely won’t fall in love with this grip, it will serve its purpose of keeping the bow stable in the bow hand.
The FLX –Guard is the answer to the problem of riser torque as the arrow is released providing the most effective cable containment system on the market. With the proper settings, it’s just as suitable for hunting as it is for target practice. The 7-Layer Limb is an innovative laminated system that results in an incredibly durable limb.
In fact, the Diamond youth bows have widened the range of kids and older youths that may be lured into the sport of archery.

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