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My 562gr indoor arrows reached a respectable 210fps (51lbs DW) which is all you need, and with a poundage adjustment and accurate sight setup, and I wouldn't have problems going up to a full 90m FITA distance (although cubs and juniors only shoot to 70m so even less of a problem) as I got 247fps with my 400gr Carbon Express Medallion Pro’sWhat would I change?
Archery In South Africa - Dedicated to promoting archery in South Africa, in all it's forms, for all styles of competitions. Infinite edge pro, high quality, versatile, best selling, extended draw length, smooth draw, solid, balance. In our diamond infinite edge review, you’ll learn how this is one of the most highly adjustable compound bows around. Bear cruzer draw length and weight adjustment, most archey shops will put it on a scale for free.. Order phone: ' archery, read details section select proper draw weight, draw length. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set draw length. BowTech string stops are made of carbon which is one of the strongest vibration-dampening materials found on the planet. Design 4.5 of 5 - With many features that are found on higher end bows as well as a unique cam system this bow is exceptional, especially for the younger shooter wanting a bow that will grow with him. Value 5 of 5 - With a retail price under $400 for a quality, feature rich piece of equipment that will grow with a youngster, how can you go wrong? This is just a note to let you know we are aware of the Facebook connect issues that are on going. Effective immediately if you have an item for sale in the classifieds and are requesting payment via paypal as a gift you must change this. Sending and receiving paypal payments for classifieds transactions as a gift it removes any protection for the buyer or seller offered by paypal.
First, a new user will have to wait two weeks before they will be able to start a classified ad. Please be aware that it takes a little time for the server to recognize and reset your permissions once you have met those two criteria. 2016 New Breed GX2, G5 Quiver, CBE Tek Hunter, G5 Meta Peep, Killzone Broadheads, , QAD HD Rest, B Stinger Stab, Easton Bloodline 400 Arrows, 70lbs.

It felt like it was only yesterday when the first vision of this bow appeared in the PBR magazine. This new technology makes for an extremely accurate long stable riser that balances exceptionally well for it’s overall length.
Once I got everything installed I tested the draw as listed on the birth certificate 71 lbs, draw length is set at 29 inches so I grabbed an IBO standard 350 grain arrow and headed for the chrono.
1x hoyt ultra tech RH bow 50-60 pounds comes with carbon impact multi rod stabilizer, chest guard and bow stand, all inside hard shell bow case. Get a scope and a lens, different arrow rest, maybe a limb driver, and add another ounce or two of weight at the bottom of the bow (side by side where the quiver would mount)From there? It is positioned directly in line with the stabilizer to effectively transfer vibration from the string to the stabilizer.
Boasting a draw length range of 22"-29", and two available peak draw weight versions offering the adjustability of 25 to 65 pounds, the Soldier has the greatest amount of adjustability available in our bow line. This will go for all users, if you have been a user for two years and have 10 posts, you will not be allowed to start a classified thread until your post count is at least 20. The center track cam is the first of its kind putting the take up and power side on opposite sides of each other and on each side of the string.
This slightly extra length helps in stabilizing the bow, and is about an inch longer than the Carbon Knight or Carbon Rose, so bonus there.Best of all, it's only 90gr heavier than a carbon riser bow! It's a good solid sight that will do the trick and if I wanted to, I could change the scope housing for one that does take a lens,no problem.Lastly, I needed to get a solid sight picture, so stabilisers were needed. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop feature is available on most BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning.
A 4-arrow quiver, 3-pin fiber optic sight, capture arrow rest, wrist sling and peep sight completes this new addition. Now, I'm a fairly tall bloke, so I added a 30” stab in front with 1oz weight on the tip (the longer the stab, the less weight you need for the same effect) behind that, I added a fivics offset mount with short Soma sidebar and 4ozBow complete at a just over 5lbs in total weight! Just go out and shoot and have fun!The bow is way too light for me for heavy wind conditions, but as an entry level, target bow solution that cost less to put together than a bare Bowtech Specialist, I think it works! This will increase accuracy as there will be no cam lean or side to side string oscillation, and will also reduce the amount of torsion on the limbs.
The efficiency of the center pivot design is the best we have seen in the industry at approximately 86% at IBO.

I was all over the show, and found that the huge let off made shooting with the back tension difficult. Pimping the ride!I asked the guys at Archer’s Edge (my pro shop) to set one up for me on my draw length and at about 50lbs Draw weight. Keep in mind that my release was set up to hold 22 pounds now I was holding less than 7 pounds, so getting consistency was difficult.
From early testing, the speed retention from shorter draw lengths and lower poundage is remarkable.
It's the weakest point of the setup simply because wear on the brushes from shooting a few times a week will cause errors in the long run, but for a start, and getting you in the game, it will work and give you some time to decide on what kind of Arrow Rest you want to use in the future. Added 3oz of extra weight on the nose and switched releases to my trusty Scott Exxus Thumb Release. The Center pivot attaches in three places flexing the limb differently, similar to a rainbow. Even with just 3oz extra weight, the bow settled down, and two ends in, I have zero’d the sights, and started having fun. This creates extremely little overall movement in any direction which is unbelievable at the shot! Shot a full score end or two and generally started hitting the X consistently.Ended up picking up almost 30 points from the first round. Minimum draw length is 26” - in fact, a few bows fall off the line here, and depending on how tall they are when they start out, the choices are limited.Lastly, the total bow weight is a definite concern. It wasn't perfectly set-up, but is very quickly settled into it and started enjoying the bow. If I spend a few more days with it, I bet I would end up with a great, light and competitive bow.

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