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Type 3 – Round silicone implants similar to a standard saline implant which leaks when cut. Type 4 – Known as the Mentor CPG (Contour profile gel) and the Allergan 410 cohesive silicone gel implants, available in the United States since 2006, only come in “teardrop” shape.
Type 5 – Supplied by Sientra, also known as “form stable” highly cohesive silicone gel implants, available in the U.S. A less cohesive version of the implants, referred to as Type 4, was already FDA approved and widely available in the U.S. The FDA based its approval for the Silimed-brand implants on three years of clinical data from 1,788 participants, and outcomes reflected those found in previous studies of other breast implants.
Athough the data derived from the three year study is highly positive, some surgeons are hesitant to pioneer this new product.

Teardrop Shape: The “teardrop” shape has been widely available internationally for several years, and American women previously had to leave the country in order to get them.
Less chance of wrinkling or folding: These Type 5 gummy bears have significant advantages when compared to the standard breast implants, or Type 3s, which leak when cut. Less chance of implant rupture: Since the gummy bear implants do not leak, there is also less of a chance of implant rupture. But since the term was coined, there has been much confusion as to what exactly the gummy bears refer to. Complications included tightening of the area around the implant (capsular contracture), re-operation, implant removal, an uneven appearance (asymmetry), and infection.
Stewart Linder, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, Calif., currently uses 1,000 Allergan Natrelle 410 (Type 4) annually and found rupture rates to be quite low with these implants.

These implants allow for a more smooth transition to the chest at the top of the breast and adds greater fullness below, giving a more natural look.
Stevens, the "teardrop" shaped form-stable gummy bear implants are ideal for women who have never had an augmentation, but are not best for women who have had previous breast surgery. The pockets created by the previous implants are generally too large to safely accommodate the unique teardrop shape. The round Sientra form-stable silicone gel breast implants, however, can be safely placed in these patients.

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