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She regarded Wendy - who played her mother-in-law Pauline Fowler on the BBC soap - as a second mother and was devastated by her death.Natalie is back to her former size after failing to maintain a gruelling fitness schedule which saw her drop from 12 stone to 8 stone. She inspired dieters across the country with her fitness DVD Then And Now, which became the fastest-selling fitness DVD ever when it was released in December 2007. Hilary Duff was once spotted with swollen lips and it’s obviously the sign of doing lip injections.

But never say never.'Natalie is currently preparing for her summer wedding to fiance Ben Porter, 40. Her nose was much longer and now it’s shorter and thinner thinner, less bulbous┬ábut seems more common nose now.
Now after the dental work, her teeth seems much better looking, not so broader than before.

Remember on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kim got that butt x-ray that came back negative?

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