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Kim has had multiple plastic surgeries including breast augmentations and a nose job, says a plastic surgeon in a new report. Kim has said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she has tried Botox and Fraxel, a skin firming laser.
But the mag continues to claim Kim has had work done. Kim said on her blog she wanted to get a breast lift after having kids, and the OK! As said, she isn’t shy about anything plastic surgery and revealed it to her fans and following by saying.
Okay, how about if I say, that Kourtney Kardashian’s nose job’s nothing, but rumor? She’s quite frank about plastic surgery as if plastic surgery runs in Kardashian family. Aly Michalka, former Disney star, decided to leave her teen persona behind by getting breast implants. In the after picture we can see how Aly Michalka's plastic surgery came out a little odd. When they scrunched together in the right way they look great, but it shouldn't take that much maintenance. When she appeared at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards in a lovely, form-fitting white dress, it was the first that people started hearing about Ivanka Trump plastic surgery procedures.
The daughter of business magnate, Donald Trump, and wife to The New York Observer’s owner, Jared Kushner, has always been a looker and modeled professionally from a young age.
Looking at the recent (2013) Ivanka Trump pregnant photos and comparing them to photos of her back when she was a judge on The Apprentice 5 in 2006, a keen observer may notice some not so subtle differences. Back when she was modeling for names like Versace, Thierry Mugler, Tommy Hilfiger, Sassoon Jeans, and Marc Bouwer, she had a cute bump on her nose’s high bridge and a receding chin.
Apart from the nose job, there is evidence of dermal fillers, though there are some who speculate that she may have had botox injections and even a full face lift.
From recent interviews you can sense that her face has lost some of its natural characteristics and seems frozen in place.
Her jaw line seems to also have undergone some subtle metamorphosis and the prime suspect is implants or fat grafting to slightly enlarge it.

Even before she got pregnant, there was a substantial increase in her bust line as she went from an A-cup to a D-cup. The breast implants she supposedly had have also been described as a little too much for her body size and makes her appear disproportionate. And while I have to say that a bunch of plastic surgery + uber slutty costume is kind of an embarrassing cry for attention, (especially in your late 30’s!) I have to say that Maitland did get a phenomenal nose job!
In addition to the breast implants and nose job, Maitland has also had a lip augmentation and clearly uses Botox as well. By the time they’re in their late 30s and 40s, no one is the wiser,” a source told OK! Pretty much everyone in the family has had plastic surgery at one point of time in their career. Made it to the industry through her then friend, Paris Hilton. Kourtney Kardashian owes much of her success through TV reality shows, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is one.
Breast augmentation surgery, it wasn’t required to say the least, but nose job, she should definitely opt for. Earlier, it used to be much(okay, not much) wider at the bridge and on the nasal tip as well. Her brother, Donald Jnr, has vehemently denied all insinuations about his sister having had any kind of cosmetic surgery. Now, the chin is fittingly aristocratic and the nose is pinched, which admittedly really suits her facial bone structure well. This may be an indication of botox injections applied in the wrong places resulting in nerve and muscle damage or some freezing effect.
From a frontal view, her face really looks perfect and makes you wish you had the Trump wealth to enhance your beauty as she did hers.
Some keen observers even pointed out that her right breast was askew, seeming to want to grow into her armpit. Her A-cup size was a more natural fit and if she had to augment then a B or B-C cup size would have suited her much better.
The 37-year old former actress popped up at the Long Beach Comic Con showing a ton of skin and showing off a totally reworked face and body, thanks to a bunch of plastic surgery.

They are obsessed with youth and beauty and will do whatever it takes to achieve the look they seek.
However, from the side she looks like someone in a life-like mask that doesn’t quite fit. Recent pictures indicate that she has had this corrected and the Ivanka Trump pregnant pictures that she posted attest to this. If you looks closely at her under-boob you can see that she’s suffering from capsular contracture with her left breast implant. But sudden changes in their looks and body structure couldn’t keep their secrets for much longer.
Back to much important question, what plastic surgery has Kourtney Kardashian had, she’s had major breast augmentation surgery in her college days and a nose job for a pointy, better one. Sometimes, drastically changing a facial feature, especially your nose, can unbalance your other features and end up looking weird.
But the original Maitland Ward, the one that became a 90’s cult classic as Rachel McGuire, has been erased in a flurry of plastic surgery and her acting career seems to have been replaced with her new hobby of unpaid appearances wearing sexy costumes. Apart from that, Kardashian’s family is quite social as is reflected from their social media profiles. If you look at the 2nd before and after picture you can see how they're spaced too far apart.
The results of Maitland’s nose job came out great and we think her new nose fits in just perfectly with the rest of her features. But we got what we wanted, and that’s, before and after plastic surgery photos to compare and inspect the difference.

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