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When planning or adding to the butterfly garden, don’t forget about growing scarlet sage. Scarlet sage plants, Salvia coccinea or Salvia splendens, are also known as scarlet salvia.
Caring for a scarlet sage plant includes regular pinching or trimming of spent flower spikes, encouraging further blooms. Most people could easily reduce their water use by 20% or more just by watering more deeply but less often. Aptenia cordifolia, commonly called Red Apples, is a fast-spreading succulent ground cover that smothers weeds. A very tight-growing ground cover in the daisy family, Dymondia margaretae hugs the ground with silvery foliage. There are many ornamental grasses that can tolerate, or even prefer, much less frequent irrigation that turfgrass species. Succulent ground covers can tolerate long periods without water, and Sedums (commonly called stonecrops) are very cold tolerant as well. You may wish to have a tropical oasis or fern grotto, so put those plants together in one area. For this article I'll focus on ground covering plants that can replace your lawn and use less water.
Watering of the new plantings can be done with your lawn sprinklers, but you will water far less often.
OUT OF STOCKAllstar produces high yields of large, sweet strawberries late in the season (late-spring to early summer). OUT OF STOCKSeascape is an everbearing strawberry that produces very large, firm, sweet, fruit with a medium to long conical shape. Here’s another bulb that anyone can grow yet never fails to draw admiring comments and praise for your horticultural prowess. Eucomis can be grown in the garden but I’ve achieved best results by growing them in containers. Pot up  Eucomis bulbs in the spring when the risk of frosts are past in any well-draining soil.

I’d grow this miniature form for its remarkable purple-spotted foliage alone, but it also produces cute purple-brown flowers.
I know there are skeptics out there, but Eucomis really are as easy to grow and as long-lived as I say. This dependable, long lasting mound of red tubular flowers draws butterflies and hummingbirds by the dozens. One of the easiest salvias to find, plant the spiky specimen spring through summer, or even as late as fall in warmer areas. Check the tag in the pot, as scarlet sage herb comes in colors of pinks and whites, as well as red. Scarlet sage plants grow best in a full sun area, but also perform well in a partially shaded location. Incorporate time release fertilizer when planting scarlet sage herb in spring, for nutrients to last throughout the growing season, or use a balanced fertilizer according to label directions. It is estimated that 80% of residential water use is outside, with a very large percentage of that due to the lawn. Forms of the shrub range from trees to a number of cultivars with low, spreading growth habit.
The clumpers have very showy flowers over a long period, but don't spread enough to considered ground covers.
So reducing your water consumption often begins right in the front yard, by choosing water-thrifty plants.
I’ve been unable to find out its parentage but it is a medium-sized Eucomis whose claim to fame is its extraordinary, summer-long production of reddish-pink flowers and its subtle fragrance. Scarlet sage herb is a perennial, but is grown as an annual plant in areas with cold winters. When growing from seed, press seeds lightly into the soil or cover with perlite, as seeds need light to germinate. Established shrubs and trees can often be watered once a week or less, if they get a thorough watering each time.
Shown here in a hot, barely irrigated bed, these plants are several years old and blossom from October through May.

Some turf species are more tolerant of infrequent watering, but in nearly any case the lawn is the highest water user in the landscape. Clumping types have showier flowers, but don't cover ground as thoroughly--better in perennial borders. Get your turf species identified since some grasses can be persistent and troublesome, especially bermudagrass. Eucomis bulbs are perennial and live for many years, provided that you remember to bring them indoors in the fall for their winter rest.
For a long time, I’ve been lavishing them with neglect while enjoying their repeat performance every year. Some scarlet sage plants are native to the southern United States, and while they grow prolifically with the right care, scarlet sage herb is not aggressive or invasive. Start seeds of scarlet sage herb indoors in peat pots a few weeks before outdoor temperatures warm. Reaching 2 to 4 feet in height, with a spread of 1 to 2 feet, scarlet sage plants occupy their designated area without taking over the bed, as some members of the mint family are prone to do. Very small light pink flowers in winter attract hummingbirds; red berries attract songbirds.
Feed them every other week with half strength, balanced (even-number such as 20-20-20) fertilizer.
Strawberries either produce all at once (June Bearing) or small continuous harvest throughout summer (Everbearing).
Their pineapple-like flower spikes emerge from a basal rosette of lovely foliage that is often spotted or streaked with purple. It’s far easier to remember to bring your pots indoors than to dig up bulbs from your garden. And you can place the pots in a prominent position while they’re flowering, and afterwards move them elsewhere.

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