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Coasts of erosion form as a result of high energy waves, large fetch, high exposure and limited deposition.
Headlands and bays are most commonly found at discordant coastlines where the cliif is subject to differentiated rates of erosion, due to bands of of varying resistant geology. Wave refraction is the process by which waves become distorted by differentiated rates of friction caused by shallower water ahead of coastal features. When students think of coasts of deposition they are immediately drawn to discuss the processes of long-shore drift and the formation of spits. The horns are made up of coarser materials and the embayment contains finer grain sediment. Offshore bars are elongated ridges and mounds of sand or gravel deposited beyond a shoreline by currents and waves. Drfit aligned beaches transfer sediment along the beach due to the angle of wave approaching the shoreline on an angle, under the influence of prevailing winds. A a result of longshore drift and longshore currents sediment is trandsferred alomg the coast floowing the direction of the current.
Spits are long narrow ridges of sand and shingle which project from the coastline into the sea.
Spit development is explained in the animation below and the video explains the value of saltmarshes. Dunes have a typical form, the windward side is gentle sloping and shaped my wind movement.
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They are also associated with drift alligned coasts that are influenced by longshore drift.
Waves scour away at the base through processes of abrasion, hydraulic action and solution, untill over time a wave-cut notch forms. However, as already explained, they also form at concordant coasts and in sections of cliff that have more distinct lines of weakness. As a result of wave refraction, destructive waves concentrate their energy on all three sides of the headland and so it slowly erodes overtime. They tend to overlook less obvious, but equally important features, for example, the beach. The beach itself forms from the nearshore to the backshore within the tidal range.within the tidal range At coasts dominated by destructive waves the beach profile is narrow and steep. They are most noticeable on shorelines with coarser sediment such as pebble beaches, however, they can occur on beaches with sediment of any size. The term offshore bar has been used to describe both submerged bars, and emergent islands separated from a shoreline by a lagoon, features more correctly identified as barrier islands.

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This transfer of sediment along the coast limits the development of beaches and leads to greater cliff exposure, hence cliff retreat.
As the notch enlarges, the cliff face becomes undermined untill at some point it collapases under its own weight. However, deposition is a lot more complex than this and it is important to develop a structure that puts the emphasis on place and scale. Submerged bars are only exposed at low tide, if ever, while barrier islands remain at least partially exposed, even at high tide.
However, these beaches are associated with a range of depositional features that develop along the coast, including spits. It also explains how you can access or seek correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with a complaint of that nature. Coastlines, that are discordant in geology help create typical headland and bay features that also erode over time to form wave-cut platforms and arches and stacks. Attrition and transportation then remove the cliff debris leaving behind a small bedrock ledge, which marks the old cliff line.
In Geography, the erosion of headlands in developing the sequence of cave to stumps is well developed, but how is it extended at the Post 16 level. The starting point to discussing depositional features is with swash and drift aligned beaches.
At coasts dominated by constructives waves, large wide and flat beaches develop and the tidal range is more extensive.
Longshore, tidal, and fluvial currents construct submerged bars in shallow water coastal environments.
The main source of material building up a spit is from long shore drift and current, which brings material from further down the coast. However, there is not much anyone can do because of the compliance regulations.Removing the DPD from the vehicle will cause immediate problems that will result in damage to the engine. Wave cut platforms as illustrated in the diagram and shown in the photograph are remnants of the previous cliff line.
This process is repeated over time as the cliff retreats forming a larger wave-cut platfrom.
Bays are flanked by headlands which are exposed rocky outcrops positioned at 90 perpendicular to the bay. There isn't a great deal of complexity in understanding and explaining how the features develop over time but clear exemplification is required as well as a clear sequence. Remember, a swash aligned beach brings in waves parallel to the shore and as result, they build up beaches. It is on these large relatively flat beaches that a greater number of depositional features occur.
The amount of unconsolidated sediment available in a shore-zone system, called its sand budget, determines the number of bars and other depositional features that form along the coastline. Prevailing wind brings waves in on an angle,w hich is slightly reduced in the nearshore by wave refraction. Where there is a break in the coastline and a slight drop in energy, long shore drift will deposit material at a faster rate than it can be removed and gradually a ridge is built up, projecting outwards into the sea - this continues to grow by the process of long shore drift and the deposition of material.
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Eventually a beach may develop on the platform which will provide some protection to the cliff and in turn slows down the rate of retreat. The diagram below left, shows a well annotated headland, (at the (I)GCSE level) and it explains how headlands erode over time. Swash aligned beaches are more influenced by constructive wave patterns, which are also important for building up large beaches.
This is because once an oncoming wave hits the horn of a beach cusp it is split and forced into two directions.

A shore-zone system's dominant mode of sediment transport controls the shapes and orientations of its depositional forms, including the types of submerged bars.
As waves break, their swach transports sediment up the beach at angle but the backwash under the influence of gravity bring it back perpendicular. A change in prevailing wind direction often causes the end of spits to become hooked (also known as a recurved lateral). The troughs are called slacks and result form a positive feedback of continued removal of sediment out of the trough with its transfer by wind up the winward side of the next dune. Wave-cut platforms are characterised by their gentle sloping angle, hard bedrock and rock pools, which develop unique coastal ecosytems. In contrast, drift aligned coasts bring in waves at an angle to the shoreline and so therefore, the waves tend to transport sediment down the coast, keeping beaches relatively narrow. The breaking of a wave into the cusps slows its velocity, causing coarser sediment to fall out of suspension and be deposited on the horns. Some form as aresult of long currents that develop a trough and bar feature in the nearshore zone. It is is common for the slack to be eroded so much that it reaches the water table where salt rich ponds are found. Due to the way waves refract around headlands, destructive waves concentrate their energy on their sides and over time develop unique coastal features, such as caves, arches and stacks. Ridges are areas of the foreshore that are raised above the adjacent shore which dips into a Runnel. The waves then flow along the embayments (picking up finer sediment) and run into one another in the middle. In other cases, storms, with destrucutive waves with high breakers and strong backwash drag berm sediment offshore to help form longshore bars.
Most sediment is suspended in the water but when moved by the breaking wave it is transported through saltation and traction. Water becomes trapped behind the spit, creating a low energy zone, as the water begins to stagnate, mud and marshland often begins to colonise behind the spit; spits may continue to grow until deposition can no longer occur, for example due to increased depth, or the spit begins to cross the mouth of a river and the water removes the material faster than it can deposited - preventing further build up. After this collision these waves attempt to flow back out to sea where they are met by incoming waves.
These marshland are called salt marshes Bars forms in a similar way to spits, as longshore drift transports sediment and shingle down the beach it deposits it low energy zones, such as bays. Therefore, once the cusp is established, coarser sediment is constantly being deposited on the horn and finer sediment is being eroded away from the embayments. At a bay the bar, if continiued to be fed by sediment will extend across the bay cutting off a lagoon behind.
In the UK this is Oak, Beach and Birch tree varieties.There is a good description of dune formation and erosion at the Geography site here.
In this way a positive feedback occurs which should at leats maintain the cusp size if not increase theri size. The current varies in strength from beach to beach but works like stream down within trough between the beach and an offshore bar. In this way you nnot only have to identofy varying rates within headland and bays, but you should also be thinking of ocean fetch, exposure, geoology and sub-aerial processes. It is these offshore currents that explain the all-too-common experience, when bathing at the seaside, you enter the sea at one point but when you come out you realise that you have drifted some distance down the beach. I remember very clearly the feeling my parents had left me behind, when in fact I had drfited in the offshore current. Other depositional features such as berms, which are raised ridges or plateaus that mark highest tidal point.
At breaks within the offshore bar, surfers will be all-too-familiar with the powerful rip-currents that develop. The two sets of storm waves build up a series of ridges, each protecting the material behind it, creating the triangular feature.
Cuspate forelands form due to the positioning of the coast and theirorientation to incoming tides and prevailing winds. A common exam question at Post 16 requires students to describe and explain coastal features.

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