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Currently, the only two forms of contraception available for men are male condoms and vasectomies, as opposed to the wide range of birth control options available for women. There are currently many different methods of male birth control being researched and tested.
Most research involving male hormonal contraception seeks to manipulate testosterone levels.
Male hormonal birth control could come in the form of pills, skin patches, monthly injections, or yearly skin implants. Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance (RISUG) involves injecting a non-hormonal, nontoxic polymer gel into the vas deferens to physically block the passage of sperm to the penis.
The “Clean Sheets Pill” is appropriately named, as it suppresses a male’s semen release altogether. A number of substances have been identified as successful contraceptive methods and are undergoing research to determine their efficacy rates and possible toxicity. Gandarussa is a plant grown in Indonesia that has been found to reduce male fertility by weakening the sperm’s ability to penetrate an ovum. It is a common misconception that heterosexual males would rather leave the burden of contraception to women than take control of it themselves. The site is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality.

Both of these forms of contraception are very effective at preventing pregnancy for a female partner (and, in the case of latex and polyurethane condoms, preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections); however, they do have some setbacks. Most of these methods involve slowing or stopping the production of sperm by interfering with some stage of its development, which would result in low enough sperm count to make pregnancy nearly impossible.2 Many of these methods are still in the early stages of development and require much more research, but with the hard work of scientists and adequate funding, new methods of male contraception could be on the market within the next five to ten years.
Testosterone is an important hormone that influences the production and transport of sperm in the male body.
Combining testosterone and progesterone (a synthetic form of the female hormone progestin) is one way to counteract an inhibited libido. This attempt to prevent pregnancy by way of synthetic hormones has yielded negative side effects for volunteers including weight gain, blood clots, and a decrease in sex drive. This pill relaxes longitudinal muscles while it contracts circular muscles in the penis to cut off the flow of semen. This medicine resulted in reversible infertility in mice without any adverse health consequences.
Scientists are in the process of extracting a chemical from the plant to create an over-the-counter pill. It is important to remember, however, that male and female condom use will still be the only method that directly prevents the spread of STIs.
However, recent surveys have shown that although women are more enthusiastic about the idea of male contraception, many males around the world are similarly excited about male birth control.

The male still experiences sensations of orgasm—the only difference is that there is no ejaculation. The drug is subject to more research to ensure that the effects of vitamin A deficiency are, in fact, only located in the testes. Some men reported that they wanted to take some of the responsibility off of female partners, while others stated that they simply wanted a more reliable form of birth control than condoms. Vasectomies, which involve the cutting of the vas deferens to prevent sperm from traveling to the penis, allow for more spontaneity but are primarily irreversible. Studies show that even while taking the hormone supplements, some males still produce enough testosterone to stimulate growth of adequate sperm to achieve pregnancy.
Single men tend to want to avoid unplanned pregnancies, and married males are interested in birth control for reasons such as not being able to afford another child. Scientists are currently utilizing a variety of chemicals and hormones to create new kinds of male birth control. About half of men report enthusiasm about trying a new form of birth control, but this percentage can vary from country to country.

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