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Similarly, Eclipse will provide content assistance for XML file editing even when internet connectivity is gone. Using this method, you can create catalogs for any DTD and let Eclipse point to your local DTD files.
Kamal Mettananada is a software engineer, Java explorer & author of Digizol, blog with computer related articles, tutorials, tips and many other information. Follow the steps in Hibernate Maven MySQL hello world example (XML Mapping) to create project structure. Once we update the Hibernate dependency, run following command in your project folder to update classpath in eclipse to that errors are removed. In our previous example, we were using Configuration class to generate SessionFactory object. Hi Sam, To connect with Oracle database use following settings in hibernate configuration file. Awesome tutorial, I looked for Hibernate project with maven on Youtube, google and finally got your blog. Database is created properly,but whenever i hit to db server for fetching data sometime data is not getting fetched. Here we can see that for each class, Employee, Landline and Mobile separate tables are created and the data’s respective of those classes are saved.
Here we can see the names and reference ID’s are inserted into Annotate_Employee table. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java spring hibernate maven or ask your own question. Why does the voltage of vinegar batteries in series not equal the sum of the individual voltages?
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Let us see how to implement Self Reference Many-to-Many relationship in Hibernate using Annotation.

Employee table stores information about each employee.The Employee-Colleague relationship is stored in EMPLOYEE_COLLEAGUE table. I was wondering however, would it be possible to define the kind of self join relationship created? This is one issues we are facing when we try to get object of Employee entity and getting getColleagues then that time all coressponding recods automatically deleted why this heppening.
Hi, i am learning about springboot and i have a scenario like that in this tutorial – a user table and a userfollow table with iduser and iduserfollow fields both are foreign Keys with table user.
We continue the development of our sample web application focusing for a moment on what problems we might encounter with the capabilities that we have implemented and the errors that may occur in the code and configurations developed so far.
Another possible error is related to the fact that the credentials for access to the database included in the Hibernate configuration file are incorrect. Another mistake we can make in the code developed so far (in previous articles) is to try to extract from the request the value of a parameter giving a wrong value for the parameter name. Returns the value of a request parameter as a String, or null if the parameter does not exist.
As we can see then, if we ask to the getParameter method to retrieve from the request the value of a parameter that does not exist, it returns a null vallue, without triggering any kind of exception or generate any error.
Let’s go back to the first version of our application, the one where we had not yet introduced the storage into the database of the information related to the new user created. After making these changes we run again our application, we compile as usual the input form with the user data to create and we send the request. Finally we see a third example, similar to the one just seen where, however, the parameter for which we provide the wrong name to the getParameter method is a field that in the database is defined as not nullable.
What we get in this case is an error of violation of a database constraint, as we are trying to insert a row, and then an object, that has a null value in one of the fields (firstname) that we had defined as not nullable when created the database table. As we can see from the image below, Hibernate in this case triggers a PropertyValueException and gives us details on the error type and an indication about which field of which class has generated the problem.
Hibernate Configuration DTD and Hibernate Mappings DTD is added locally into Eclipse below.

To point eclipse to that DTD, you need to enter below values and select OK in above "Catalog Entry" screen. Same as above step, in "Catalog Entry" screen you need to enter below values and select OK. For this we will use our previous tutorial Hibernate Maven MySQL hello world example (XML Mapping) as base and convert it from XML Mapping to Annotation. In previous tutorial we saw how to implement Self Reference One to Many relationship using Annotation mapping.
For example, an employee table defining a relationship Employee-Colleague where colleague is yet another employee. Both employee_id and colleague_id from EMPLOYEE_COLLEAGUE table is mapped to employee_id of EMPLOYEE table. We’ll see also an error due to the violation of a constraint defined on the table during an insert of a new record.
What we expect, as we had already seen, it is that the JSP page shows us the data we entered. In this tutorial we will modify the source code from previous tutorial and implement Self-Join Many to Many mapping using Annotation.. To do this, we go to the doPost method of our servlet and comment the part relating to the creation of the new User object and its insertion in the database through the Hibernate classes. We will see further on how to prevent the JSP page reads again the parameter values sent through the form, already acquired by the servlet and included in the User object created. We will make sure that the servlet will pass directly the User object to the JSP page using the setAttribute method of the request.

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