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Butter aur Honey ko sath mila kay khaya jae to pasli ka dard (PLEGRISY) kay lia bohat mufeed hai aur jisam ko farba karta hai. Abu Naeem Bin Abdullah Jafar say riwayat hai kay Rasool Allah SAW na farmaya kay Pusht ka ghost tamam gosht sa behtar hota hai. It has been only a few months since I started using the product and I am already seeing almost 2″ in new size! Aik genuine nuskha jis sa zikar ko taqt milay gi aur mardana taqt main izafa ho ga ye nuskha bohat he asan hai aur asani sa ais kay ingredients gahr pa available hotay hain.

Dawa lainay ki zarorat nai hai ye nuskha ap zaror try karen InshaAllah ais sa apko behtri mehsoos ho gi aur biwi ka samnay sharmindgai nai hogi. Due to bad company and distance from religion males and females involve themselves in bad things especially in masturbation can lead to erecticle dysfuntion of male.
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