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Stretch marks are common occurrences in people who have experienced considerable weight loss or gain over a short span of time. During a phase of weight change, the skin loses its elasticity as a result of being stretched or shrunk. Since stretch marks are a major cosmetic concern, most people worry about how to avoid stretch marks. Stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy, when the weight gain that occurs due to the developing baby causes excessive stretching of the skin. It is important to remember that treating stretch marks will be effective only with time, patience and regular skincare. If our body is in a fit and active condition, it will boost our body growth because regular exercise and sports enhance height. Avoid eating  junk food and eat a lot of healthy foods because healthy foods contain a lot of vitamins, which are needed to help the body growth. Consuming drugs and alcohol at young age can lead to malnutrition and prevent our body to reach our maximum height. Healthy food like whole grains, salads, fishes, vegetable is not as delicious as junk food. Affecting men and women of all ages, stretch marks are especially a concern for crash dieters or professional bodybuilders who undergo constant fluctuations in their weight.
Depending on the elastic nature of your skin, you may be prone to more or no stretch marks. In addition to natural methods and topical creams, you also have the option of laser surgery to avoid stretch marks. However, there are several methods that have been proven to be safe and effective to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated.
Massaging shea butter on the abdomen twice a day keeps the skin moisturized and less prone to stretch marks later on. It is especially beneficial to include antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like carrot, cabbage, papaya, orange and apple. However, there are some factors as to what can affect people to grow while they are in height growth age. The answer to the frequently asked question of whether or not you can still grow even after you grow older than height growth age varies. Basically there are two opinions. The growth of our body is affected by so many factors like environment, activities, foods, and so on.

Some activities that will help the body growth best are swimming, basketball, and aerobics.
Keep the shoulders straight, walk with our spine erect, sitting straight in a chair, and don’t concentrate the body weight in only one leg can have very good effects at body height. Yoga involves a lot of stretches movement, and it will automatically improve the body posture.
Eat healthy food that contains some vitamin D, proteins, zinc, calcium, and enough carbohydrates.
If you are one of them,  you will do everything to make yourself taller, like wearing shoes that make you taller,  right?  With tall body posture, sports and daily activities can be done more effectively. If you are used to walking with hunchback posture, try to walk with your spine as straight as possible. However, unlike junk food, those healthy foods will effectively help our body to get taller faster. Some activities like swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other activities that make the body jump. The areas most affected by stretch marks include stomach, thighs, arms, breasts and buttocks. Laser surgery is quite effective in changing the red or pink colored stretch marks into skin-colored scars. Such hydrated skin is later able to regain its original shape without leaving any stretch marks behind.
Food products rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc and protein are also recommended to avoid stretch marks. One says that once you are an adult you cannot grow taller while the other believes with the right supplement, such as human grow hormone and the right exercise, you can still grow no matter how old you are. Therefore, by following some tips connected to the environments, we can conclude how to improve height naturally. By sleeping about 8-11 hours when our body is in its infancy, we will get taller compared to another who is lacked of sleep.
When we do sports, our muscle will improve the body growth and get rid  of toxins while the body sweating. Besides, a person with tall body posture will be looked better compared to the short body posture.
This hormone helps our body to build muscles, and it also helps the body to get taller faster. This kind of activities will stretch your body and strength the muscle and help to boost the body growth.

In fact, the chances of stretch marks are almost minimal in people who allow the skin to adjust to their new shape by losing weight slowly. It is also important to take up light, stretching exercises that improve circulation and skin elasticity.
As far as beverages are concerned, it is best to avoid tea and coffee and increase the intake of fruit juices. Usually if the parents are short then their children are also short and it is the same if the parents are tall. By taking balanced and nutritious food since our childhood, our body will be very helped to grow even taller. There are so many people made so many mistakes at their childhood so their body not getting taller efficiently. If you need some practices, you can try to walk with a book on your head and keep the book not falling.  If your body has passed its infancy, adjust your body posture will make you taller a little. Those healthy foods contain a lot of vitamin D, protein, zinc, and calcium that will affect the growth. But that is not always the case seeing that there are other factors that can affect one’s growth. Today, yoga is also fast gaining popularity as an effective means to prevent stretch marks.
Less than that, the body will be lacked of HGH, and the body growth will not be effective and the HGH is not produced enough to help the body growth. Yogic techniques that tone the skin also help reduce stretch marks, enhance circulation and calm the mind. Once puberty ends, the growth also believed to be finished because the bones have grown fuse. While females usually stop growing around 14 to 21 years, males stop growing later than females. This is because the process of maturing for males is late when compared to the process of maturing for females.
Sleeping can be important for your growth because the body produces growth hormone the most when you sleep.
It might be hard to change your sleeping pattern at first, but you have to remember that it is worth it.

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