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The Aero SD is perfect for those filming with anything from a compact like a Sony Nex-7 to a Canon 5d Mk3 and is easily capable of handling 10kg or kit. The GT Aero Series of camera sliders are smoother than most camera sliders on the market and run almost silent with it's dual bearing wheel design.The Aero Pro carriage features a beautiful bespoke CNC machined carriage with our unique quick adjust bearing system, allowing very easy and fast setup and adjustment.
So you can easily move the game data files to external SD card and solve the problems that internal SD space is too small.It also applies to other games data to external SD, such as gun bros, Dungeon Defenders. 4.If you want to click the desktop icon to execute or update from PlayStore,You need to uncheck "unmount when leave" in app setting and click mount. 6.If you flashed new rom or updated and "GL to SD" didn't work,please clear the data of "GL to SD".

7.Note that this app is not compatible with other mount app or script, for this would interfere with each other and causing the unmount timeout.
Limited to the core of each phone set different, each phone have encountered can not guarantee normal operation. If not executed, please return your phone's models and ROM versions, have the opportunity to add in the new version. When you want to connect to the computer as a USB hard drive, remember to unmount(or check auto unmount).
The Aero Pro feet are also CNC machined, keyed to the rail for secure fitment and feature collapsible ends for easier, faster storage.

They also feature precision height adjustable legs.All Aero Lite and Aero Pro carriages and feet are compatible with all previous Glidetrack SD and HD systems, so if you want to go Aero you can upgrade your current system.

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