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Nanoclocks GL also generates -0.1% pull down sample rates using fractional division and a very high frequency PLL circuit.
Where possible, audio clocks will also be phase locked to video v-syncs (requires a whole-number proportion of sample rate and frame rate). The audio reference signals are used to synchronise the internal audio crystal clock generators accordingly, so clock quality is not affected by incoming jittery reference signals.
Detected sample rates are displayed and outputs are switched to word clock or AES11 levels according to the present input signal.

The output mode of each individual output can be set to word clock, AES11 DARS or a user programmable signal. When synchronising audio clocks to video syncs or other reference signals, it is important not to track disruptions or glitches, to hold and maintain phase lock, to hold the actual tuning when the reference signal fails and to relock very smoothly.
For many years, Rosendahl Studiotechnik has been developing and improving software algorithms to synchronise clocks together.
The AC power supply uses a vintage (again!) mains transformer combined with a power saving secondary switching regulator.

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