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G-Loomis has long been an iconic name among the fishing fraternity, synonymous with quality fishing rods and unrivalled by any competition.
Canne da spinning della celebre casa GLoomis modello per la pesca al bass adatte sia per la pesca con artificiali soft e jigtrailer Modelli monopezzo.
The continuing task of building a rod for several styles of fishing has always been considered an insurmountable task requiring, a high level of compromise.

Garanzia ufficiale Shimano 24 mesi, estendibile a 36 mesi con registrazione, entro trenta giorni dall’acquisto, presso il sito della SHIMANO. The resulting metallic maroon series consists of uniquely designed, crisp graphite blanks, forgiving enough for the harsh Australian climate.For comfort, a shortened split butt configuration was incorporated which also meant a reduction in weight and allowed the addition of a custom rubberized fighting butt section.
They are more of a LIGHT-DUTY all-around spinning rod with relatively soft butt-sections and light tips.

All rods come with Fuji aluminium oxide guides and reversed VSS Fuji reel seat carry custom cork grips (excl.

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