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GL Hearn led a multi-disciplinary team to assess the potential for strategic growth including urban extensions and strategic employment at Crawley. The UK-Continent Interconnector links the existing gas terminals at Bacton, Norfolk with the continental gas network at Zeebrugge via an undersea pipeline. After further consideration, a revised planning strategy was adopted and the proposals were  accommodated within the existing British Gas terminal. Permission was granted by the local planning authority and the pipeline is now operational.

The Study involved sustainability assessment to identify potential suitable sites, identification of social, utilities and transport infrastructure requirements, consultation with developers and infrastructure providers and assessment of the comparative deliverability of potential sites and strategic constraints to growth. In the UK, the landfall works required a planning application accompanied by a formal Environmental Statement.
GL Hearn co-ordinated the work of various consultants and prepared an Environmental Statement which accompanied the planning application. GL Hearn was appointed to advise on a planning strategy after initial difficulties in relation to site selection.

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