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ADDICTION NEWS: One of Hawaii's most highly regarded DJs and resident DJ at Addiction, DJ Anit will perform with Grammy Award winning artist Pharrell, June 29, during his BET Awards performance.
A two-time ITF world champion and recent Hawaii regional winner of the Red Bull Thre3style, Compose effortlessly transitions in and out of hip-hop, rock, soul, indie and dance classics.
It is quite common for manual journals to be created directly within GL against natural accounts that should typically be reserved for specific sub ledger activity. R12 includes new functionality to control specific natural account segment values by setting the ‘Third Party Control Account’ segment qualifier. General Ledger (GL) can restrict the posting of manual journals to third party control accounts. The creation of transactions against specific accounts can be restricted to the sub ledgers such as Oracle Payables and Receivables depending on how the qualifier value has been set.
Your organisation has a business policy in place to ensure that customer information is captured when raising transactions within Oracle Applications using account 4150 (Miscellaneous Revenue). Once the segment qualifier has been set, direct journal entries within GL will not be permitted.
Since the business policy was to capture customer information, let’s now consider the impact within Accounts Receivable (AR).
You must proceed and select the third party information to continue with the subledger journal transaction entry.
Receiving this error message can be avoided. After you have created a third party control account, you must run the concurrent program ‘Program – Inherit Segment Value Attributes‘ to ensure your control account qualifier definitions are accurately reflected in all account code combinations. Other available third party control account segment qualifier choices include Yes, No, Supplier and Restrict Manual Journals.

You never know what surprises await – the-most-buzzed-about DJs drop in to guest-spin (including Hawaii’s own DJ Anit and DJ Compose). DJ Anit has been gaining popularity on the west coast as well as overseas with her uncanny ability to read the audience and get the party started. Among his many residencies at clubs around Honolulu, Compose is a founder of the fiercely popular dance party, Shake + Pop, as well as the music director of ADDICTION Nightclub at THE MODERN HONOLULU.
This causes all sorts of issues and tends to impact the reconciliation of subledger control accounts.
This will ensure that journal lines that post to account codes such as the Supplier Liability Account or Customer Receivables Accounts are associated with valid third party information in the respective sub ledger. Using such account control will require third party information from the relevant sub ledger.
In order to ensure that this business process is adhered to, you will need to set the ‘Third Party Control Account’ Segment Qualifier, against account 4150, specifying the value ‘Customer’ (as shown below). Should an entry be attempted, the following message will be displayed since no customer information has been captured against this transaction. After doing this, you will not be able to select the account within GL, however, you will be able to select the account without the third party information in the respective subledgers. Oracle will treat this third party control account as a means of restricting usage in GL manual journal entries only. If you continue to use our website, we will assume that you are happy to receive these cookies. All navigational and supplementary elements are hidden, leaving only the core content in a layout and format optimised to fit a typical A4 page.

Bright White High-Gloss Trim, Door & Furniture Paint features Gel-Flow technology to help resist leaving drips or brushstroke marks.
Spinning a wide variety of music including electro, dance, house, mash-ups, R&B, hip hop, and live mixes, it is obvious that she has a deep appreciation for all genres of music and an unsurpassed level of enthusiasm for what she does.
Previous attempts to control account use include the adoption of security and cross validation rules.
This is possible since the customer information has been entered captured on the transaction which is using the account 4150. The paint can be applied indoors or outdoors and offers mildew resistance for a long-lasting, clean-looking appearance.
Available in a variety of working distances for your maximum comfort .Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection. By selecting the account, you will initially receive an error message, similar to that of which you receive in GL (below). Featuring resident DJs Compose & ANIT, discounted cover charge and discounts on beer and shaved ice infused with alcohol, House Party brings it up another level with specials on VIP packages, including Tito's Vodka & Belaire Champagne.

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