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The new 2016 Mercedes GL-Class are a rested full size luxury SUV which will be invested with variety of state of the art options.
This 2016 Mercedes GL-Class are free throughout the primary quarter of 2016 wherever its beginning value are concerning $63, 000 which could amendment counting on the engine chosen. From automatically correcting for crosswinds, to brief moments of autonomous driving, to sensing that you’re about to fall asleep at the wheel, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL SUV offers virtually every technology aid you’ve heard about. Bad drivers are the drunks in a old pickup truck or a 20 year old Chevy with a headlight out. This vehicle was initial created in 2012 wherever since then it’s undergone numerous upgrades to confirm it keeps up with the market.
One amongst the outside options on this vehicle includes a vast grating that comes with 2 chrome strips. There may be no car better suited for long distance travel than the new GL, thanks to the comfy air suspension and whispery diesel engine that carries you 600 miles before refueling.
For a couple seconds at a time it isThe most useful safety option is the Driver Assistance Package ($1,900-$2,800 depending on model) which rolls in Distronic Plus (adaptive cruise control) with Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist.
A 4.5-inch color LCD info display sits between the speedometer and tachometer and lets the driver glance down to see important information (phone, navigation, entertainment). The new 2016 model of this vehicle can have a gorgeous look which is able to permit it to contend effectively with different similar vehicle. This grille makes the vehicle get a strong look and additionally permits incorporation of different front options.
This engine is paired with associate degree eight speed transmissions and can be out there in four wheel drive. On straight roads with good lane markings, it gives you a semi-self-driving Benz for as long as 30 seconds. Its the people working two jobs and trying to take the kids to a camp or game while running on only a couple hours of sleep. The only disappointment in the new GL is the tiny LCD display and mediocre navigation system in a vehicle so big.Even the cheapest $63,000 GL350 comes with a raft of standard safety features, led by the new (for Mercedes) Collision Prevention Assist, which warns if you’re about to rear-end the guy in front, and, if you step on the brakes, the car will control safe braking. Remember how Ford got stuck mailing out hundreds of thousands of USB keys to upgrade its Sync system? Stability control is the single most important safety feature in a vehicle after 3-point seat belts. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. To grant the driving force a higher vision this vehicle comes with automatic crystal rectifier bi-xenon head lamps that work mechanically.

Here’s how it works: A forward-facing camera in the rear view mirror watches the lane markers and warns, then corrects, if you drift (lane keeping). Via Mbrace2 and your phone, you can access apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Yelp, but so far not much in the way of music such as Pandora or MOG.Should you buy?What if you’re one of the 100,000 US buyers of premium full-size SUVs looking for a new ride? The technology on the GL protects the driver and occupants from the misdeeds of both the GL driver and the other drivers who may be burning the candle at both ends. There also are massive air vents on the front facet which permit cooling air to induce into the engine and therefore the front brake. The first GL (2006-2012) already was the sales leader with a quarter of the market, a bit more than the Cadillac Escalade. If you drift close to the lane, the car nudges the brakes on the opposite side and the drag pivots the car back into lane, just as a paddle dragging in the water pivots you canoe toward the paddle side. Almost everything about the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL is better, including parts that have been, well, Americanized, such as the very light power steering. This luxury SUV is out there in several colors to grant consumers choices to settle on from.
In mostly highway driving with the GL350, the six-cylinder turbo diesel, I got about 23 mpg. This honker weighs in a bit under 3 tons, but the GL 350 diesel got me 23 mpg on the highway. In either case, a light pull on the heavily boosted power steering overrides the car.360-degree backing camera, automatic parallel parkingEvery car offers parking sonar.
The GL one-ups the direct competition with a parking assist package ($1,290) with front and rear sonar plus cameras front-rear-side (in the side mirrors, facing down) to give you a birds-eye view of the car (photo) plus Active Parking Assist, which parallel-parks the GL for you in a spot 60 inches longer than the GL’s 202-inch length. Folks that are driving this 2016 Mercedes GL-Class is ready to get pleasure from optimum comfort and additionally expertise convenient driving. The base GL comes with a rear camera; the parking package may save owners that much in collision deductibles and higher premiums. Even though the GL is a bit longer than the standard Escalade, it looks like a smaller vehicle.
Within this vehicle there’ll be a soothing atmosphere which is able to be primarily created by the gorgeous brown trim.
With parking assist, you drive slowly past a line of cars until the sensors spot an opening 22 feet (6.7m) long. Older drivers or country roads drivers should get the lighting package that makes the xenon headlamps (standard) steerable as well. The car beeps, you stop, put the car in reverse, and tap the steering wheel button marked OK.

This vehicle also will have animal skin lined sears which is able to be organized in 2 rows. The GL350 diesel at $63,305 base price with shipping is actually $1,500 cheaper than the V8 gasoline GL450 (usually it’s the opposite), and I found it’s more than quick enough. There can be a split folding seatbacks and therefore the front row of seats will use the heating technology. A lot of light-weight is ready to get into the vehicle through the facility electrical glass sunshine-roof. I’ve found that Attention Assist catches you when you’re drowsy and also some times when you think you’re not. There’ll even be the Mercedes command electronic interface to create exploitation this vehicle a lot of convenient. It’s a sophisticated leveraging action of the car’s suspension that reduces lean in turns, makes the driver feel more secure, and makes the passengers less annoyed by spirited driving.
Moreover, this SUV can go with variety of property choices together with iPod interface, USB port, Wi-Fi and wireless Bluetooth.
Safety also will be increased through options like airbags and recreation are through a contemporary film system.
But there enough options that a top-of-the-line GL550 I drove came in at $108,000, and there were some options it didn’t have. The LCD is part of the Comand system that is standard on all GLs and uses a control wheel like BMW’s iDrive. Because the LCD is small, Mercedes doesn’t do split-screen for, say, navigation plus infotainment. If you’re in another screen (say audio setup), when a complex turn approaches, it doesn’t temporarily shift back to map view. In navigation view, you do get a split screen showing the exit but not which lanes exit and which go through.There are as many as 49 buttons on the center stack and at least eight more on the console (a lot). The Comand control wheel and the radio control wheel are satin metal-finish and a bit slippery.

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