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Hormone A chemical messenger produced by a particular gland or cells of the endocrine system.
A general name for the processes which scientists use to produce desired characteristics or substances that are in short supply, such as human growth hormone.
Hormones are transported throughout the body in the blood stream but they produce a response only in specific target cells. Genes are taken from human cells and can be put into bacteria, which reproduce very quickly, and so can produce large quantities of a desired substance.Giantism Over-growth of the long bones caused by too much growth hormone being produced in childhood. Gene A short piece of DNA which is responsible for the inheritance of a particular characteristic. The posterior lobe secretes several different hormones whereas the anterior lobe just stores and releases one particular hormone.

The Many Faces of Foresight Ian Miles, Jennifer Cassingena Harper, Luke Georghiou, Michael Keenan and Rafael Popper. Liver A large organ in the upper abdomen which manufactures, stores and breaks down substance as required by the body. The amino acids present and the order in which they occur vary from one protein to another.Carbohydrate Energy producing organic compounds which are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
Examples of food containing carbohydrate are rice, pasta, bread and potatoes Dwarfism A lack of growth hormone in childhood results in a failure of the long bones to grow and in an adult of short stature.
Foresight has emerged as a key instrument for the development and implementation of research and innovation policy. Concepts and Practice Edited by Luke Georghiou, PREST, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, UK.

The Handbook Of Technology Foresight Pdf Second, academic departments with terms like foresight, technology assessment or In The Handbook Of Technology Foresight. Foresight in Nordic Countries Annele Eerola and Birte Holst JA?rgensen.Foresight in Smaller Countries Patrick Crehan and Jennifer Cassingena Harper.

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