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For a quick check, enter your currencies and click the check button to get the latest exchange rates.
The Bank Negara publishes the exchange rates from the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market in Kuala Lumpur. To be a watch enthusiast is first and foremost about falling in love with the design or the look of a watch! Get all the information you need to have in order to better understand the world of watchmaking, as well as our selections of watches by topic, tested and approved by our editorial staff!
Here are exclusive Test and images of the Luminor 1950 Rattrapante PAM 357, a limited edition of 75 pieces for Dubail. The "ghost" references are usually not announced at the beginning of the year and they do not appear in the Panerai catalogue. The PAM 357 is similar to the PAM 213 - Luminor Rattrapante which was a limited edition of 2,500 pieces over four years and ex-catalogue since last year - with a DLC surface (Diamond Like Carbon).

Inspired by military equipments (blackened to minimise reflection from bare steel), Panerai watches with PVD coating - for Physical Vapor Deposition, a special method used to apply the DLC surface treatment – have a special place in the heart of Panerai collectors and are often among the most sought-after pieces. While a PVD surface indisputably plays a major role in the look of a watch, unlike a ceramic case, it can be irreparably marked by shocks or scratches. Hence the choice by Panerai of the tougher DLC PVD which provides a surface that is, theoretically at least, extremely resistant.
Nevertheless, even if Panerai produces mainly sport watches, you should probably take your PAM 357 off your wrist before rolling in the mud! The highlighted tachometer scale goes perfectly with the ultra-rounded sapphire glass and gives great three-dimensional depth to the dial. The level of the dial finishing and decoration is also very high, especially the Super-LumiNova painted numbers and indexes, which are great samples of precision and consistency. While the actual practicality of a fly-back chronograph might be debated - who really needs to measure two distinct times simultaneously on a mechanical wristwatch?

The push buttons are firm but not excessively so the user could happily play for hours for the pleasure of watching the ballet of those hands!
Legibility is excellent - even if the shape of the domed sapphire sometimes causes a slightly distorting effect when viewed from a low angle.
This website is not subsidized, funded, sponsored, endorsed, officially approved by MAHB or any airlines, food, telco, transport and many other companies mentioned on the website. This is why we offer you a specific area 100% dedicated to images, with photographs of watches taken exclusively for you by our editorial staff and professional photographers. The biggest currency note amount is one hundred (100) Ringgit and the smallest coin amount is five (5) cents.

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