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Cadisch are the leading UK supplier of woven mesh, wire mesh and perforated sheet and distribute all across the UK. Warmly welcome to CATIC garden furniture market, your reliable sources of leisure products and comfortable furniture.
Shinelike Lighting producing kinds of lighting, table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, chandeliers. We are a professional rattan furniture manufacturer, producing all kinds of furniture ranking from office furniture to leisure furniture. We exported high quality bathroom accessories to U S market, such as target store, Bed bath & Beyond Store, Croscill, Sears etc. The production of natural bamboo folding stool used to do materials, structures, and look pretty, easy to carry.
Our company is a specialized manufacturer in doing folding chair, swing chair, garden set and cane furniture. All Silversmiths - France - American - Birmingham - London - Austrian - Scotland - Chester - 1905 - London.

On Friday 6th Dec the third edition of UNStudio’s Motion Matters exhibition opened at the MAXXI Museum in Rome. For many years UNStudio has been investigating the potential of the temporary installation as an experimental testing ground for manifold architectural concerns and it is these investigations that form the basis of the exhibition Motion Matters.
The effects of situation, light, colour, and material on viewer perception are tested in this spatial installation of shifting perspectives.
In addition to the primary focus on these key projects, a more detailed view is generated by means of five thematic threads which bind the projects together along a three-dimensional ribbon which meanders through the exhibition space. After successful installations at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2011 and at Aedes in Berlin this Summer, this site-specific exhibition concept has been tailor designed and realised for Gallery 2 of the MAXXI Museum. The exhibition is a response to the traditional architectural exhibition in which rescaled representations of architectural designs are presented. The concept for the Motion Matters installation has recently been nominated for the International Space Design Award (Shenzhen, China) in the category ‘Exhibitions’. Within a trajectory of transitional spaces, optical illusions and trompe l’oeil effects are brought to contemporary structures, generating an experience that negotiates the ideal and the relational.

These threads consist of numerous small images which afford the reading of the various relationships between the exhibited projects within a larger context of inspiration, debate and realisation processes and provide insight into the knowledge driven nature of UNStudio’s practice.
HS is located in the part A eveloping area Dongxi Zhishan Heshan GuangDong province, China. UNStudio’s installation brings to a close the ‘Nature’ cycle in which MAXXI has been experimenting with a different approach to monographic exhibitions. In the Motion Matters installation the object exhibited is not in a display case, or merely an object to be looked at, but instead interacts with the visitor and requires their active participation. The exhibition investigates the ways in which movement, spatial considerations and perspective inform space and how the visitor physically experiences the effects of these three determinant architectural parameters.

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