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Gorgeous, glam Fawcett (Sasha Pieterse, from a€?Pretty Little Liarsa€?) faces two contenders vying for her Prom Queen crown: the devoutly Mormon Ashley (Andrea Bowen) and drama club diva Caprice (Xosha Roquemore).
Recognized for her fine work on several BBC series (a€?Silk,a€? a€?Criminal Justicea€?), Peake plays Vanetia, the lively matriarch of a bustling Irish family in Steph Greena€™s tender feature debut.
Even as she deals with Conora€™s permanent transformation and her childrena€™s ongoing confusion, Vanetia also has to play host to Ted, an unhappy American doctor (Forte).
A classic hero’s journey full of action and adventure; an intimate fable about love and loss, magic and memory.
Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
Our intrepid savior of cinema's underrated films turns his eye to Francis Ford Coppola's most personal film.
An in-depth preview of the films, including rarities and restorations, playing in the Noir City: Chicago 8 program at the Music Box Theatre.
So says Henry Hill in the opening moments of Martin Scorsese’s “GoodFellas,” a movie about the tradecraft and culture of organized crime in New York.
In the beauty and fashion industry, people are always looking for the latest trend, style or look.
According to the popular UK website, Daily Mail UK, While Liz Hurley hid from the press as she battled to get back into post-baby shape, who was there to look after her, give her the encouragement she needed and help her put the spectre of Steve Bing’s betrayal behind her?
Surely this is the first generation ready to accept a sassy satire about the challenges facing gay teens. Director Darren Stein clearly has some serious themes in mind, even as most of his characters exhibit all the brain cells of amoebae.
Though the adults a€” including Natasha Lyonne, Megan Mullally and Rebecca Gayheart a€” are underused as inevitably clueless parents or teachers, the entire cast is likably game. The subject matter calls for ruthless observation, but his candy-colored pop vision has more in common with a€?Gleea€? than, say, a€?Heathers.a€? Hea€™s aiming for a stinging WTF, but winds up with a fairly mild LOL. He has arrived to film and analyze Conora€™s progress, but cannot help responding to Vanetiaa€™s undimmable vibrancy.
That he narrates his own story--and is later joined by his wife, narrating hers--is crucial to the movie’s success. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie. She meets a challenge, however, when her beloved husband, Conor (Edward MacLiam), returns home after a debilitating stroke.

The quirky supporting characters, slow pacing and predictable plotting intermittently threaten to overwhelm such a modest story.
This is not an outsider’s view, but a point-of-view movie based on nostalgia for the lifestyle.
But then Ted secretly turns his camera back toward Vanetia and, like him, wea€™re smitten again.
Everyone seems to have one, from reality stars to the fictional television characters we see on TV but do you have to be either to have one? Unfortunately, many of my gay friends have fled our hometown to cooler places like Austin and New York! I hate that term and wish society would move past it, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case does it. I was recently excited at the thought of having my own male gbf, but unfortunately, he turned out to be straight and flirtatious. It would be nice to have a gbf who would not hit on me and who my husband wouldn’t see as a threat! His money is gone, most of his friends are dead, and his best friend was preparing to kill him, but after he finds safety in the federal witness protection program, he still complains. I have to wait around like everyone else.”The rewards of unearned privilege are at the heart of “GoodFellas” (1990). In one of the great buildups and payoffs in movie history, he believes he’s going to become a “made” man, realizes his mistake too late, and says “Oh, no” before being shot in the head. He always had to push things.The early scenes of “GoodFellas” show young Henry Hill as a gofer for the local Brooklyn mob, which has its headquarters in a taxi garage right across the street from his house. He had to “take a few beatings” at home because of his teenage career choice, Henry remembers, but it was worth it. Violence is like a drumbeat under every scene.Henry’s joy in his emerging career is palpable.
He sells stolen cigarettes out of car trunks, torches a car lot, has enough money at 21 to tip lavishly. In the most famous shot in the movie, he takes his future wife Karen (Lorraine Bracco) to the Copacabana nightclub. There’s a line in front, but he escorts her across the street, down stairs and service corridors, through the kitchen area, and out into the showroom just as their table is being placed right in front of the stage. This unbroken shot, which lasts 184 seconds, is not simply a cameraman’s stunt, but an inspired way to show how the whole world seems to unfold effortlessly before young Henry Hill.There is another very protracted shot, as Henry introduces us to his fellow gangsters. Henry leads the camera through a crowded club, calling out names as the characters nod to the camera or speak to Henry.
Sometimes the camera seems to follow Henry, but at other times it seems to represent his POV; sometimes he’s talking to them, sometimes to us.

The cinematographer, Michael Ballhaus, did not get one of the film’s six Oscar nominations, but was a key collaborator. It shows a mob family headed by Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino), who never talks on the phone, dislikes group conversations, disapproves of drugs (because the sentences are too high), and sounds like a parish priest when he orders Henry to return home to his wife. Karen Hill narrates her own side of the story, confessing that she was attracted to Henry’s clout and fame; after she tells Henry the guy across the street tried to hit on her, Henry pistol-whips him and then gives her the gun to hide.
She tells us: “I know there are women, like my best friends, who would have gotten out of there the minute their boyfriend gave them a gun to hide. Henry and Karen come from backgrounds that could not easily lead to Cadillacs, vacations in Vegas and fur coats, and she justifies what he has to do to pay for the lifestyle: “None of it seemed like crimes. It was more like Henry was enterprising and that he and the guys were making a few bucks hustling, while the other guys were sitting on their asses waiting for handouts.”The story arc follows Henry’s movement up into the mob and then down into prison sentences and ultimate betrayal.
At first the mob seems like an opening-up of his life, but later, after he starts selling drugs, there is a claustrophobic closing-in. The camera style in the earlier scenes celebrates his power and influence with expansive ease.
At the end, in a frantic sequence concentrated in a single day, the style becomes hurried and choppy as he races frantically around the neighborhood on family and criminal missions while a helicopter always seems to hover overhead.What Scorsese does above all else is share his enthusiasm for the material.
Scorsese’s camera caresses these guys, pays attention to the shines on their shoes and the cut of their clothes.
And when they're planning the famous Lufthansa robbery, he has them whispering together in a tight three-shot that has their heads leaning low and close with the thrill of their own audacity. You can see how much fun it is for them to steal.The film’s method is to interrupt dialogue with violence. Tommy, Henry and Jimmy, with a body in their trunk, stop at Tommy’s mother’s house to get a knife, and she insists they sit down at 3 a.m.
It was defeated for the best picture Oscar by “Dances with Wolves,” but in November 2002 a poll by Sight & Sound magazine named it the fourth best film of the past 25 years (after Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” Scorsese’s “Raging Bull,” and Bergman’s “Fanny and Alexander”). It is an indictment of organized crime, but it doesn't stand outside in a superior moralistic position. It explains crime’s appeal for a hungry young man who has learned from childhood beatings not to hate power, but to envy it. When Henry Hill talks to us at the opening of the film, he sounds like a kid in love: “To me, it meant being somebody in a neighborhood that was full of nobodies.

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