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Once upon a time, back when there really was a larger distance between console and computer games, I remember a journalist explaining that the difference was often depth vs. I will defer to your experience on how people respond better to a controler, but how in any way shape or form are the console users your target audiance? I guess I am jaded because of too many years where as a PC gamer I was forced to endure controler optimized UI in games that were in most other ways far better on the PC, so now any time I see a controler as an option in a PC game I automatically think of a crappy UI. Controls are so important for a game, I could make a case for designing the game around the controls.
When I made Square Shooter, it was designed around a single-button mouse to maximize cross-browser compatibility — in summer 2009, HTML5 games were still somewhat of a novelty.
This means that when a game or other program goes amok you can gracefully go back to the desktop without the need to reset the PC. This is a major time saver if you have problems with games, drivers or when a program in development doesn’t behave the way you want.
I shudder at the prospect of spending that much on a keyboard, but… I think my current one is starting to show its age. I just spent the weekend implementing controller support (and the ability to remap said controls) for my game, which already had keyboard and mouse. I’m very new to posting here, but I personally think a mouse and keyboard works best for anything first person, but I also think its good to have plenty of control options and to not hardcode them.
Yeah, key rebinding might not be *fully* implemented in the test demos, but it’ll be in the final version for sure.
This game almost solely boosted the video game market to become the multi billion dollar industry it is today. It seems a silly idea today, but back then, it at least made the game feel like it was incredibly interactive. Naturally, that also means it can be played with any game controller — even those that lack analog sticks. While I made them use the traditional one key per command, I limited the number of commands so that I could show all of them on a line at the bottom.

This game isn’t coming out on console, people use controllers on PC for racing games and first-person shooters not RPGs, and you are a one man team with much higher priorities. I really want to try some of these things out with the audience here via the web-based version when I can. While having a controller might appeal to the consoleers, for most of us PC gamers, it just means the game has probably been dumbed down and is now shallow and insipid.
Sometimes I just want to kick back on the couch and play on the HDTV in Steam Big Picture mode instead of sitting at the desk.
It was a learning curve to find out, for example, that the triggers on the 360 are an axis (with the polarity reversed from the sticks) and that the d-pad is neither a button nor an axis, but behaves like an axis. Only possible exception are racing games and rogue-platformer (because it make my hands cramp up on a KB). We’ve shown you pictures of Nintendo games in HD before, but now we have some beautiful new shots of Twilight Princess. The most famous version of this game was the original for the gaming system called the GameCube. As Microsoft’s Surface and will-conceived Windows 8 attest, mobile devices are closing the gap as well. More of a surprise was that the game plays just as well with dual analog sticks… in a very different manner, but still entertaining. We’ll have a hard-core RPG fan audience here to keep me honest, and a far more general public at the Con. What’s most impressive is that you have to remember Twilight Princess is not a true Wii game. This gaming series sold over 15 million copies when its first two games were released which was unheard of at the time. Okay, so it was kind of kind of redundant at times, and some commands were used so infrequently they didn’t really deserve their own key. Okay, seriously, there were times when I was convinced it was the most awesome job of all time.

And – as the adventure games of the 90s illustrated, context-sensitive verbs are a pretty good thing. I know that I will still be able to play with keyboard and mouse in the way that the gods of PC gaming intended. But trying to share as much code and behavior as possible, it does suggest that there will be as many similarities as differences. Or why don’t you give an exit survey to everyone who tries your game that says “Are you buying this game? Over time, that has converged a bit, though I do still love having that breadth of interactions. Even though the world is changing and people are using a dedicated desktop (or laptop) less and less, I’m still a fan.
Some of these screen shots look as good, if not better than, most Wii games, even though their from a game that’s a full generation behind. Well, console controllers from the last couple of generations of systems have been pretty dang interesting. Because the pictures are so large, we had to shrink them, but you can view them in their original size simply by clicking on them. I’ll bet you could eliminate some redundancies, put a few rare controls on a menu, and map the old Ultima controls onto an XBox controller pretty well.
But it does force me to think about economy of movement, careful nesting of what menus are necessary, and – well, simplifying the control of things, even if the stuff going on underneath the hood is still pretty hardcore.
While mobile games have diverged a bit in the style of gameplay (mostly owing to small screens and touch interfaces), PC games and console games have converged much more.

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