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Could also just be the DSTwo itself being weird, the Sd card has corrupted once for me just with routine use. Yeah well when you have friends that aren't all techheads it's not exactly easy to convince them to drop something they've been using for about 6 years on a whim. Indie's I'm looking forward to: Shakedown Hawaii, Bleed 2, Terraria Otherworld, and The Legend of Bumbo.
The fork I mentioned is now just as smooth as RetroArch was and has an option to turn frameskip off and control the filter. Wii2HDMI is coming in today this afternoon, will probably make a blog post showing it off and how the quality difference is. Forgot, Tempstyle Dark Plus now supports hiding of Avatars, User Rank Badges, and User Texts. In addition, hiding avatars doesn't break the online markers either, it simply moves them to next to the user's names. My predictions for Gateway's A9LH implementation were all right except for #3, which is the only one everyone hoped would be true. There can be some minor issues running this.[2] Use this when playing single player, and after a character is already created.
The Origin overlay is known to cause micro-stuttering, occasional freezing and frame-rate drops in some games.
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The Program Files folder is a protected folder within your Windows installation that works differently from other folders on your computer. The long story short is that if you have your copy of System Shock 2 located within either the Program Files or the Program Files (x86) folder, you may encounter problems and some, or all, mods may not work at all.
If you think you might be being affected by this, try moving or reinstalling your copy of Shock 2 from the Program Files folder into another folder like 'C:\Games' and launch it.
If you are using Steam, you can make another Steam Library Folder using the Steam Library Folders feature. Once you've done this, you can reinstall System Shock 2 into this new folder and move any save files and mods you have from your old installtion into this new installation! SS2Tool is a great program that allows you to apply multiple fixes to the game as well as getting the game fully up and ready for using mods. This tool will not function if your copy of System Shock 2 is installed in the Program Files folder.
If you haven't used the SS2Tool, it is HIGHLY recommended that you manually install the SS2 Blue Mod Manager.
Extract the SS2 Blue Mod Manager into your SS2 folder if it isn't there and double-click SS2BMM.exe to run it.

The first thing you will need to do now is tell the Mod Manager where your System Shock 2 directory is. If you have a DataPermMods folder present in your SS2 folder, the Mod Manager will prompt you to delete the folder.
As soon as you insert the files into the folder, SS2 Blue Mod Manager will update with the name of the folder that the mod is installed in (so be sure to name the folders so you can recognize them easily. Clicking the X in the top-right will save the setttings, close the mod manager and will not launch the game. Having more than one active mod in the list will allow you to change the "priority" of the mods. It is recommended that the bigger mods be lower down in the list and the smaller mods go higher up the list. So now you know all this, all that needs to be done now is to choose what mods you want to use. This mod upgrades all of the object textures as well as fixing typos, graphical errors and continuity errors. Upgrade the plantlife onboard the Von Braun with his very nice collection of improved models and textures.
Water water everywhere so let's all upgrade the old water textures with these hi-res, better animated water textures. This mod package vastly improves the models and textures of all of the monsters aboard the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker including the Hybrids, Midwives, Assassins and Rumblers. If you feel that you want a Hybrid texture that looks closer to the original game's version then simply apply this set of textures over your installed copy of 'Rebirth 02', it will not work unless you have that installed first. Shock 2 uses dymanic music recorded at a very low bitrate and split into many small pieces. A massive bugfixing and balancing project that tries to stay as close to the developers intentions as it can.
This mod will, upon creating a co-op session, set the difficulty to Impossible over the standard 'Hard' difficulty setting the game defaults all co-op sessions to.
The cam_ext.cfg file contains a collection of hidden settings to add things such as Bloom and Anti-Aliasing effects. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. For me, that's substantial because I don't spew shit all over the forum, unlike some people.
Anisotropic filtering is determined by the overall graphics pre-set, labeled "Graphics Quality" in the menu. From texture upgrades to total conversions, they can make System Shock 2 look and feel brand new again.

However, if you use SS2Tool without Enabling it in the Game Features option screen, it will become disabled again.
You can quickly go there by, in Steam, going into System Shock 2's properties and clicking "Browse Local Files" on the Local Files tab. Don't use more than 30 characters in the folder names!), its Status (is it Active or Inactive) on your current copy of System Shock 2 and what type of mod it is.
The higher up the list a specific mod is determines when it will be loaded against all the other mods. Mods like the Shock Community Patch or System Shock Infinite for example are mods that change a huge amount of the base game so they should have high priorities. This mod sticks to the Shock 2 artstyle very closely and is highly recommended for all players. This mod is a relatively new one as altering terrain textures was not possible until the arrival of the 'NewDark' patch. It is worth seeing the default monsters first before you decide on using this but if the thought of looking at an enemy model made with less than 100 polygons fills you with disgust for your fellow man then go ahead and apply this mod.
This mod replaces the music files with higher quality versions taken from the soundtrack of the game. If you intend on playing co-op with this mod installed, make sure any people playing with you also have this mod installed. Now you need no longer fear the corridors of Deck 4 and beyond as all spiders have been completely removed from the game. Find the D3D9 render options section about halfway down and have a look at what you can alter.
When modifying individual graphics options to create a custom "Graphics Quality" configuration, the anisotropic filtering setting is determined by the last selected pre-set, regardless of what individual graphics options are selected. You can either rename it's extension back to ZIP or extract the contents of any SS2Mod file with your ZIP software. Mods like texture and model replacements should be higher up the list so they get loaded after the bigger mods have been loaded!
If you have two mods that have a custom Shock2.gam file, SS2 Blue Mod Manager will inform you that the two mods conflict with each other and recommend you only have one Gamesys mod active at a time. No new sound files are added to these weapon mods so mix and match any of the mods as you see fit.
It's safe to say that if you find an .SS2MOD file that this mod hasn't been updated in quite a long time.

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