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If you want to achieve hypertrophy (scientific name for large muscle growth), then you need to lift weights that are heavy enough to prevent you from doing more than 15 reps of any exercise. Forces reps (or forced repetitions) describe the ability to do a few additional reps past your point of failure.
By doings repetitions past your failure point, you are overloading your muscle fibers and causing your muscles to grow faster.
For those who do not already know this, in order to put on 1 pound of muscle, you need to consume 3,500 – 7,000 extra calories per week.
In order for you to build muscle, you ought to consume enough high protein, low fat, and moderate carbs.
Kodjo is a home fitness enthusiast who believes the average person can get and stay in shape right in the comfort of their home. This site is intended has hundreds of workout videos featuring superset workout routines as well as other standalone workout exercises designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Watch your nutrition as well, it's a big part of the quest to getting in shape and developing a beach body. NATUREBOX HEALTHY DELICIOUS SNACKS NatureBox focuses on sourcing delicious, healthy snacks and sends them to you monthly. GYMBOSS INTERVAL TIMEREver since I discovered the power and effectiveness of interval training, I rarely conduct my workout routines without my Gymboss Interval Timer.
The information on this Blog reflects my own opinions and is not a replacement for medical advice.
You're going to keep lowering your calorie intake by up to 250 calories every 3-to-7 days until you find the right amount of calories you need to eat to lose weight. People lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks during this study JUST by adding more protein to their diet. So unless you have a lot of willpower you'll need to cut back on how much unhealthy foods you put in your diet. Optional: Use the weight loss calculator to see exactly how many calories you need to eat to lose weight. Lower your calorie intake by 100-to-250 calories every 3-to-7 days ONLY IF you haven't lost any weight or if you're not satisfied with how fast you're losing weight.
They just said it will make you gain weight not because you will crave and EAT MORE but just by eating it it makes you fat thats what they said… and 1 word for Adrian - LEGEND ! RickHey Bryant I am 15 5'9 and 227lbs, i started eating about 800-1200 calories a day, I do weightliftimg for 30 mins and cardio for 30 mins am I on the right track to lose weight?
LukasAdrian I am on a 1500kcal diet and I was losing weight last 8 days and now I gained 1 kg in 2 days? If I drop more than 50 pounds I'll be sending you pictures to motivate people on the website! CrayHello Adrian, I was wondering have you heard of Plexus and what are your thoughts on the product?
If you have been overwhelmed by all the crap and conflicting advice on the web, you are in safe hands now – this will be your go-to site to packing on the mass for ectomorphs. As an ex-skinny guy myself, all I wanted was to bulk up and to look and feel like a confident man, to be more attractive. Luckily for me, I managed to crack the code of building muscle and weight with some expert help. Learn the secrets behind the physical transformation of other ectomorphs and use them to increase your muscle gains. Learn what, how and when to eat and get tips and recipes to maximise your muscle and weight gain. Learn how to formulate your own ectomorph workout routine and also get access to both free and paid workout routines. My inner circle is where I share even more advanced stuff, plus other freebies such as diet plans and workout routines. The goal of ectomorph workout is simple: to act as a one stop source for all ectomorphs, hardgainers and skinny guys to pack on muscle mass and gain weight effectively. Join My Inner CircleDo you want to learn how to enhance your muscle and weight gain effectively? I should warn you though, I used some pretty unusual tricks and techniques… almost the exact opposite of what everyone else will have you doing.
As I looked around, I realized there were fat guys all over the place, but none of them had real man boobs like me. Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, some 10 or more of his friends came and gathered round to check out my man boobs.
That day I went home and decided I would do whatever it takes to get rid of my man boobs, stop being fat, and build a body that I could be proud of, a body that nobody would laugh at. The women in my life were always attracted to the other guy who just happened to be lean and muscular.
I even tried starving myself, to the point where I ended up in hospital because of malnutrition. Sure, I lost a few pounds, but I still had my man boobs and I wasn’t anywhere near slim! It was only when I started to really study exercise and nutrition, that things finally started to change for me. As I lost more and more weight, my man boobs did shrink a little, but they were still there!
I now love going to the beach, and I’m always looking for an excuse to take my top off. So what was on that piece of paper that would finally help get rid of my man boobs and totally transform my life? The government, medical establishments and the diet industry have all been known to blatantly lie to you. Doing endless chest exercises like push-ups and bench presses will not blast away your man boobs.
There’s a special technique you can use to force your body to burn that chest fat first, and it has nothing to do with chest exercises. Long boring cardio routines are not the best way to lose fat, and especially not to lose your man boobs.
The latest studies have shown that low-fat diets actually make people gain weight, and that people would be better off not going on a diet at all! In just a minute, I’ll tell you about the kind of foods that will help to melt that fat right off.
But before I tell you, let me tell you another quick 30 second story about how some extra attention from women once you have a flat masculine chest and a stunning physique, can really be a cool bonus.
A good hour or so went by, and I decided to take a nap under the delicious warmth of the sun. Now what are the things you must do to flatten out your chest, really start shedding those pounds, grow muscle, and sculpt the body of your dreams?
Believe me, the secret to that perfect body is not about exercising more, it’s about exercising right. I’ve seen countless guys train and lose fat from all over the body, except from the chest. This happens because man boobs are caused by a hormone imbalance – either too much estrogen or too little testosterone.
It does this by reversing the hormone imbalance that caused your man boobs in the first place! Studies have found that hormonal training can increase testosterone levels all over your body, so despite not directly training the chest, this type of training has a very powerful chest-flattening effect. The latest research has shown that all the foods we used to think were bad for us, are actually good for us and help us lose instead of gain weight. What Is The One Most Effective Way To Lose Your Man Boobs, Lose Bodyfat, Grow Muscle And Sculpt A Truly Unstoppable, Masculine Physique?
Just when I had reached the lowest point in my life, after my man boobs grew back despite having expensive, humiliating and painful surgery, Garry asked me to go visit him at his gym in Los Angeles.

This guy, Garry, not only helps guys flatten out their chests, he also helps them build some incredible physiques.
They both told me about their pasts, and there was no doubt – these guys used to have man boobs – they knew exactly how I felt!
In just 12 weeks on Garry’s program, I lost 28 pounds of pure fat, while gaining 8 pounds of muscle. One pound of fat from each breast may not sound like much, but it’s more than enough to completely transform most guys with man boobs. Not only do I sport an awesome set of abs, but by following Garry’s Chest Sculpting system, I have developed a wide upper body with a broad chest and wide shoulders.
At 37, I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than when I was in my teens or early twenties. To date, over 163,000 people in 124 different countries have benefited from Garry’s approach to losing man boobs.
This guy really knows what he’s talking about, because he helped ME finally get a body I never thought I could have.
If you have had trouble losing those man boobs and sorting out your physique in the past, then this is the guide you need, to finally get into shape. It takes out all the guess-work by telling you everything you need to know and everything you need to do, to kick-start your body’s transformational mechanisms, so that 12 weeks from now, you can look in the bathroom mirror and finally be PROUD of the way you look. From pages 66 to 72, Garry unveils a class of athlete who developed some of the most impressive physiques the world has ever seen, using a lazy 3-day-a-week approach.
Now, being a practical guy, my personal favorite is the Chest Sculpting 12-Week Beginner’s Program, from pages 193-210. From pages 30-41, Garry uncovers his top secret “Stimulus-Adaptation Principle” – It really is just like flipping a switch and watching your body transform.
You can get your hands on Garry’s entire Chest Sculpting system and change your life in just 30 seconds from now. An over 200-page manual that details everything you need to know about how to lose your man boobs, burn excess pounds, grow muscle and sculpt the body of your dreams. This book on its own will take you to elite levels, and keep you 100% satisfied for the rest of your life. The book comes with illustrated guides on how to perform each exercise, and, as I mentioned before, gives you a step-by-step plan so you are never left in the dark with what to do. Garry totally over-delivers here by throwing in a whooping 52 exercise videos performed and narrated by his fellow fitness instructor, Tim Wilson. To shed those pounds, flatten out that chest, grow some muscle, and sculpt a truly powerful masculine physique.
When you go through this bonus, you will find yourself automatically enjoying all the right food choices.
Garry hired renowned hypnotherapist, Tim Walker, to produce these professional hypnotherapy audio CDs, just for his Chest Sculpting clients. A study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that adding hypnosis to a weight-loss regimen increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and a whopping 146% after treatment! Not only does hypnosis help you to lose weight, it helps you to maintain that lean physique in the long-run. So if you want easy, automatic and permanent transformation, then hypnosis is definitely the way forward! Now, seeing as it cost 2 grand to put the exercise videos together, and just over $500 for the Hypnosis Audio Series, not to mention the many years of testing and tweaking to come up with the life-changing principles in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, I really do think that Garry was being overly generous when he sold me his entire system for just 97 bucks. Not only will you feel energized and refreshed, your body will feel lighter and your chest will start to firm up from the very first workout! If you follow Chest Sculpting Power Principle 2 (page 170), and combine this with Power Principles 6 and 8, you’re really going to start to notice that your chest feels firmer, flatter, more masculine, and your nipples are less puffy. There’s nothing more satisfying than for a guy with man boobs to look in the mirror and see his chest finally start to flatten out, in almost no time at all. You know those days when you just can’t find the right thing to wear, because your man boobs just keep sticking out? Well when you start sculpting that dream physique with the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, You’ll find very soon, that you can wear absolutely anything (or nothing at all), and still look good, just a few weeks from now. And all you have to do to start feeling all this and get started within 30 seconds, is to take Garry up on his zero-risk offer. Every workout, every secret, every trick that helped me and thousands of others get rid of man boobs, lose unwanted body fat, grow muscle, and sculpt a jaw-dropping physique. I going to dedicate this brief post to write a neutral Somanabolic Muscle Maxmizer Review, laying out the good, the bad and the ugly about this product. To give you a brief introduction about Muscle Maximizer, it’s a program designed to guide you with the correct workouts, combined with a healthy nutritional diet , in order to build a lean muscles.The program is created by a fitness, nutritionist expert, fitness model, and a professional baseball player in Canada, called Kyle Leon.
There are tons of course on the internet on similar products, on how to gain muscle mass, fastest way to get muscle, or how to gain muscle and lose fat in the same time. Therefore I am going to cover up, as much as I can in the next few paragraphs, how this program works, why it is different, detailed info, before and after pics, Somanabolic Muscle maxmizer reviews, weather Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam or not, tips, and more. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is that it is very customized, unlike other programs where they claim they have a secret formula, that if anyone copied it exactly will get significant results. Ectomorphics: These people are mainly characterized as skinny, they have a very fast metabolism and tend to eat as much as they want and not gaining a single ounce. Mesomorphic: People with this Body type, are genetically muscular, with a large skeleton structure, large bones, and tend to gain muscle easier than other body types, but they also tend to gain fat if they don’t watch their diet. Endomorphic: These people have no problem to put muscle, but they have problem to lose fat.
Therefore according to each body type, there are different diet plans with different exercises, and this is where the power of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer or (SMM) lies. After you enter, the required information, the software calculates the necessary amount of calories you need to gain a certain amount of muscle, but most important it gives you a schedule, with a meal plan to follow, that it’s calories, and macro nutrients are calculated in the software, so you take exactly the perfect diet according to your body type. You don’t have to calculate anything, you input data about your body and gets the meal plans needed, with different choices, you can even create you meal plans, and the software will calculate it’s calories and portions, and tells you weather it’s a fit for you or not. 7 Days out: It’s a quick workout routine and nutrition routine schedule, that will give you amazing results in seven days.
5 Foods that kills fat: Whether you follow their diet, or you create your own, this pdf guide is to tell you which is the best 5 foods to eat if you want to burn fat, and 2 foods to stop eating. Somanabolic Suplementaion: To get an extra muscle gain 5-10%, it is advised to take the natural supplements, not steroids, and other dangerous stuff. It is the most customized program that tells you, how to build muscle mass, without extra body fat, according to your body type.
The compatibility between the nutrition guide and workouts are very optimized, like what to eat in anabolic time (time before and after workout), and in recovery days. There are different meal choices, you can even creates your own, and the software will calculate it’s calories and macro-nutrients. The program does not depends on any dangerous steroids and stuff like that, the nutrition plan is all natural. You can try the product for 3 weeks for $19.95, and if you don’t like it, you can turn it back, and get your money back, or pay the rest $27 if you do like it. The program is not for those, who want extremely fast results overnight, well there is no natural way for such thing.
Well, I have researched, some somanabolic muscle maximizer reviews, and before and after results.
To sum up, Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is the best program, that combines workout routines and nutrition diet, that is well customized for any body type.
As a rule of thumb, the next time you go to the gym and set up your bench press station, ask someone to spot you, and attempt to lift heavier weights than usual. So, once again, the answer to the question “how to build muscle” is simple: the only way to materially increase muscle mass is to cause your muscle fibers to tear, and rebuild stronger than before.
Your diet should be rich in chicken, green vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, steak, and fish such as tilapia, salmon and tuna. There is no more excuse for people who do not have a gym membership; all your workout can now be done at home, bootcamp style.

In fact, nutrition is a critical part of the fitness equation and you cannot attain your goal of losing weight and getting fit without proper nutrition. If you watch this presentation to the end (it won’t be online for long), I will tell you the secrets I discovered, to finally flatten out my chest, lose weight, gain a ton of muscle, and sculpt the body of my dreams.
And if there’s anything that looks worse than a fat guy with man boobs, it’s a skinny guy with man boobs!
Not only did I lose weight and lose my man boobs, I also grew some impressive muscle mass and sculpted a truly masculine physique – something that surgery can never give you.
Not only do I have a flat chest with pecs and NO puffy nipples, but I also have a set of wide shoulders and washboard abs that makes women go weak at the knees, no kidding! I embraced the truth about losing weight, losing man boobs and sculpting a masculine physique. You haven’t been able to lose your man boobs or build the body of your dreams because the information you’ve been relying on is bad information! Others like your friends, and even your doctor, will repeat the lies they believe to be true.
But with this type of training, if you look like a big pear today, you’ll only look like a smaller pear tomorrow. The only way to change your appearance by flattening out your chest and building the body of a male cover-model, is to use a secret technique that involves leveraging your body’s adaptive powers.
Not only are these foods delicious, but you really can eat as much as you want and still lose weight! I looked to my sides and my friends were already staring at her… mouths wide open, not saying a word. We went off to where her sun-bed was posted, and I took my time getting to know this gorgeous Spanish babe. The key to your ideal, dream physique has already been discovered, and it’s locked away in the past. By doing the right type of exercise, you can stimulate your body to burn fat, flatten out that chest and grow muscle while you sleep. This type of training will reverse your pattern of fat-loss so you lose fat from your chest first! I feel like an elite athlete, even though I only work out just 3 days per week for no more than 30-40 minutes.
He has taken all of the approaches that have worked for all of his clients, and put them together in a comprehensive guide that anyone can use, to burn fat, grow muscle, get rid of man boobs, and sculpt a truly jaw-dropping, masculine physique.
No more wearing thick baggy clothes in the summer – you can look good in anything you wear. Garry shows you how to adapt this unusual training method to your particular need of losing man boobs.
Here, Garry lays down the easy to follow, step-by-step, dummy-proof blueprint of exactly what to do every workout day for the entire 12-week program. From pages 214-216, Garry explains how you take things to the next level, by sculpting the kind of physique that makes people gasp. All the studies on hypnotherapy for weight loss have shown that hypnosis is stupendously successful at helping people to lose weight. And since you’ll be getting that perfectly flat chest and sculpting that masculine body in 12 weeks, that’s just 44 cents a day!
If for whatever reason you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, or for whatever reason or no reason at all, you want your money back, you need only say, and you get ALL your money back, every single penny.
However Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, claims that they are different, all products in fact claim that they are different ?? .
That is not the case with Muscle Maximizer, they have tweaked and tested this program, so many times across many years in order to make customized, and changeable for anyone according to “what his body really needs”, HOW?
The program target each certain body type individually, and give it unique workout routines, with unique nutritional diet plan. They are mainly, short to medium height, with larger bones, carry more fat cells, and carry a higher percentage of body fat. The main interface is like a software, you enter several information about yourself like the your height, age, weight, and of course your somanotype (meso,endo,ecto), don’t worry there is a section in the program describing exactly how to identify your body type. Anabolic Time is the time before and after exercise, this is extremely important to take care of, to get optimum results. It’s not something for the long term, but it’s temporarily if you want to get ripped and gain muscles in just 7 days. Plus you get a discount, if you bought from their recommended source, but you can also complete the program very effectively without it. I have then put some random results together, in the below pic, so you can judge by yourself whether you can expect such results or not.
Using it’s software by inputting, some data about yourself , and it get you all needed meals with the corresponding workout routine, taking care of the importance anabolic timing (time before & after workout), and the recovery days.
To tear up muscle fibers, subject your body to external stimuli that it’s usually not used to; and that involves lifting much heavier than you’re used to.
I was so embarrassed, there was nothing I could say, I had no come-backs, no smart remarks.
I was so sure that starving myself would be the one surefire way to lose fat and get lean, but I was wrong. At first we were just chatting while casually checking out some of the hot Spanish girls walking by. She told me I looked like I needed another layer of sunscreen, and offered to lay some on me if I would do the same for her. Garry himself has helped thousands across the world with his books, articles and one-on-one coaching. No more people laughing at you and making fun of you, no more being afraid of girls, no more self-esteem issues, no more staying indoors when everyone else is out there having fun. If you like, you can skip forward to page 193 to get started with your transformation today! Also in the days of recovery, certain meals are designed that is best suited to recover the tissues, and get the best recovery.
Make sure you ask someone nicely to spot you and give you a little physical assistance (beyond the pep talk and cheering). Most people hit a plateau and stop building muscle simply because they fail to consume enough nutrients that are responsible for producing muscle growth.
If you choose to follow the Kodjoworkout Program without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk. My calorie intake is (I keep journal with myfitnesspal) 1100 calories , on website it says that I should eat less than 2900 calories tho.
All I could do was smile and say “Yeh, that’s real funny”, even though I was all broken up inside. But what you have to admit is when you sort out your body, when you flatten out that chest, lose those excess pounds and grow some muscle, women sure as hell do open up to you. Workout exercises are also designed to fit each body type, there are different exercises, and you chose which one according to you body type. Once you reach rep number 9 or 10 and can’t go any further, your spotter will come into play and help you clock in an extra 2 to 3 reps. I've been doing it for a week and I can definitely see the change, although is just water weight, I'm not giving up!
Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight.

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