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2 In a study of 87 women, 4 or more fertile days were identified in 80% of cycles using actual cycle length.
The importance of timing it rightWhether you are just thinking about trying for a baby, or are actively trying, gaining a better understanding about how your body works can be a big help. There are only a few days (typically 6) each cycle when you can get pregnant, the days leading up to and including the day of ovulation. Ovulation is the name of the process that happens once in every menstrual cycle when hormone changes trigger an ovary to release an egg. As you approach ovulation, your body produces increasing amounts of a hormone called estrogen, which causes the lining of your uterus to thicken and helps create a sperm friendly environment. These high estrogen levels trigger a sudden increase in another hormone called LH (luteinising hormone). Ovulation normally occurs 24 to 36 hours after the LH surge, which is why the LH surge is a good predictor for peak fertility. While an egg only survives for up to 24 hours, sperm can remain active for up to five days.
The total a€?fertility windowa€™, taking into account the lifetime of both the sperm and the egg, is about 6 days. Your a€?fertility windowa€™ is the period of about 6 days during your menstrual cycle when it is possible to become pregnant from unprotected sex a€“ hear more about how this works in the video from Professor Bill Ledger.
The graph below shows the estimated likelihood of conception on the day of ovulation and the 5 days before. As we said above, ovulation usually happens 12-16 days BEFORE your next period starts, so the timing of ovulation depends on your menstrual cycle length. To calculate the length of your menstrual cycle, count the number of days from the first day of your menstrual bleed to the day before the next bleed starts. If youa€™d like to have a more in-depth look at what happens inside your body during your menstrual cycle, click through to our Cycle and Ovulation page.

Two hormones are prduced by the pituitary gland: FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteinizing hormone).
When LH rises, the follicle (tissue surrounding the egg) is stimulated to rupture and the egg is released from the ovary.
The now empty follicle becomes the "corpus luteum", a small yellow body on the surface of the ovary. Note: the increase of progesterone at the time of ovulation causes a rise of body temperature of about one degree Fahrenheit, which is often used to predict ovulation. If pregnancy does not occur within 10-12 days following ovulation, estrogen and progesterone levels fall abruptly which triggers menstruation. In anovulatory cycles (no ovulation) no progesterone is made and estrogen dominance can prevail.
Pregnancy definition of pregnancy by medical dictionary, Pregnancy definition the period from conception to birth. Anthropologist community, Does anyone here recommend any qda software packages at the aaa this weekend i picked up demos for provalis, maxqda, and atlas.ti. Abortion pill - womens health zone, If pregnancy is confirmed and is below nine weeks, then abortion pill is best to expel the contents of the uterus. The abortion pill: mifepristone and misoprostol for early, Information for patients about what to expect if you choose the abortion pill, how it works, side effects, and risks. In fact one in two couples could be trying to conceive on the wrong days of a womana€™s menstrual cycle[i] because they dona€™t have the knowledge that we are about to share with you here. The so-called LH surge causes the release of the mature egg from the ovary - this is ovulation. If it isna€™t fertilised the lining of the womb is shed (the egg is lost with it) and your period begins. It may therefore be surprising to learn that a couple can conceive through sexual intercourse four to five days before the egg is released.

It is true that the average menstrual cycle length is 28 days, but none of us are a€?averagea€™ and cycle lengths vary from woman to woman and cycle to cycle - in fact 46% of menstrual cycles vary by 7 or more days[ii].
We begin to have menstrual cycles, but never really know what is going on inside our bodies to cause this phenomena that affects us for about 40 years. The corpus luteum is now the site of abundant progesteroneproduction which dominates the second half of the menstrual cycle. If pregnancy occurs, progesterone production increases and the shedding of the linning of your uterus is prevented. Due to stress, environmental influences, diet, and past use of birth control pills, great numbers of women are not ovulating and therefore not producing progestrone.
The good news is that Natural Progesterone can help balance the hormones and help with many of these symptoms and conditions. In 79% of the samples tested in a lab study, pregnancy was detected 6 days before the missed period (which is 5 days before the expected period). We have put together information which will help you understand your fertility, the ovulation process and how this fits within your menstrual cycle as a whole. So to get pregnant, ita€™s important to have intercourse on your fertile days and if you want to find out when youa€™re most fertile, ita€™s important to get to know your own body and your own personal menstrual cycle. The progesterone stimulates the lining of the uterus in ways that will nourish a developing embryo. It should be noted that even though you have a period, you may not be producing an egg through ovulation. In a US study of 149 women using leading line tests, over 80% of women found Clearblue PLUS the easiest to use in sampling.

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