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Contrary to popular belief, a low dose birth control pill is as effective as a high dose pill in preventing pregnancy. However, excess intake of estrogen might cause adverse side effects such as nausea and vision changes. Besides protecting you from unwanted pregnancy, the low dose birth control pills can reduce loss of bone density.
Hormonal contraceptives are not safe for women with a history of deep blood clots, cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer.
Doctors usually ask their patients to take the first low dose birth control pill on the first Sunday after the period starts.
A healthy woman without any fertility related problems could easily conceive after the normal menstrual cycle is restored.

Birth control pills that contain 30 to 35 micrograms of estrogen and progestin are known as low dose birth pills, and pills with 20 micrograms of estrogen and progestin are called very low dose birth control pills. The oral contraceptives produced in the 1960s and 70s had more than 100 micrograms of estrogen. Through trial and error, researchers found that low dose birth control pills could minimize these side effects. Some studies suggest that these contraceptives might diminish the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers. Some women experience nausea, breast tenderness, headaches or high blood pressure after taking the pills.
Some health experts fear that hormonal contraceptives might increase the risk of developing breast cancer in perimenopausal women.

Prolonged intake of birth control pills also increases the risk of cervical and liver cancers. Studies suggest that smoking significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in women on birth control pills.
However, in women who took oral contraceptives to regulate their menstrual cycles, the first normal period might start after a few months.
Women bothered by heavy bleeding or irregular period can take these pills to normalize their menstrual cycle.

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