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Hair vitamin pills and potions are rampant on the internet and health food stores but do they actually work or are the results tangible enough to make them worth it? The truth is hair grows at an average of 6-10 inches per year, the exact rate of your hair growth being genetic. B complex vitamins as well as Vitamin C, E and Zinc are known to play a part in hair growth.
Let’s face it, lackluster locks sometimes happen – even to those of us who once had an amazing head of hair. Provided you keep your hair conditioned and hydrated and do all you can to protect it from daily environmental assaults and repeated chemical treatments, your problem may lie within — and getting (or reclaiming) enviable tresses may require alternative measures. Biotin (Vitamin H) – Biotin, a water-soluble B vitamin, supports healthy insulin function within the body. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – When it comes to a great mane, pantothenic acid is a major player.

While there is no shortage of supplements on the market that promise you the coif of your dreams, not all of them incorporate the proper ingredients at the most effective levels. AVIVA is a safe, effective supplement containing the heavy-hitters above, plus iron, zinc, selenium, chromium and boron.
I had the opportunity to go backstage with Aubrey Loots, lead hairstylist at Wella Professionals. I would love to try Aviva my hair isn’t what it was it has been falling out so much that pretty soon I’m afraid I am going to be bald!! The human body works in such a way that food consumed will provide energy to the brain, heart, lungs and all other major organs before it is converted into the protein required to build hair and nails. If the person is malnourished, the hair growth will be stunted as the body will prioritize more important bodily functions. Many of the hair growth pills on the market today contain these vitamins in a variety of combinations.

Factors like poor nutrition, stress, hormonal issues and fluctuations, poor circulation and even some prescription medications can all affect our strands.
This water-soluble vitamin supports healthy adrenal gland functions and also helps regulate stress hormones. It also features Penta-Plex GF and Tetra HHL Complex – proprietary blends designed to get you the gorgeous mane you deserve. The principal is if you are over consuming these vitamins, then the body will grow the hair and nails at a faster rate. So how do you know when your hair texture goes from “needing a new style to create the illusion of fullness” to “I should be looking for products to help combat my breakage, splitting or loss?” Take a look at how you’re treating your hair and body.

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