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It may seem like the humans aren’t far off from achieving perfection, given that they are only three seconds away from the TAS run, but in speedrunning, even a mere second can be an eternity. Imagine that the castle Mario walks into at the end of each stage is a bus station, and that Mario must take a bus to the next stage.
When it comes to speedrunning this game, the frame rule means that you don’t have to play each level perfectly to get a perfect time, you just need to play each level fast enough to get on the same bus as someone who did play it perfectly. Even at Darbian’s level of mastery, pulling off all of these tricks is not a sure-fire thing.
As Darbian’s quest to top his own world record continues, speedrunners will keep dismantling Super Mario Bros. Inversus is a simple black and white strategy shooter that pits players against each other in an ever-changing battle for territory and survival.
Deus Ex Go follows in the step-by-step footsteps of Square Enix's other mobile puzzle titles, Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. Unix time is based on the time standard: UTC, which stands for Coordinated Universal Time (which can be confusing because its not abbreviated as you might think) but came about due to a compromise between French (TCU) and English (CUT) spellings of the phrase. As a result of running this 2 numbers were printed: 1426349294842 (milliseconds) and 1426349294 (seconds).
The 'snapshot' above represents the same moment from 4 different perspectives: John's timezone, Juliette's timezone, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and milliseconds from the Unix epoch. Java's Calendar (and deprecated Date) itself stores time as milliseconds since the Unix Epoch.
Benchmarking & performance monitoring can be done by calculating time differences ("deltas") between starting points and end points. What might happen above is that the sorting for such a small array could be so fast that the duration shows up as zero. Log investigations to document durations and to reverse engineer relevant points in time based on them.
Unique identifiers also known as UIDs that can be sent through the network even in plaintext, unencrypted, because their value is relevant to the involved parties only to identify a single conversation among a series of conversations. Objects with limited life - sessions should usually expire after an inactivity period which can be precisely defined for security reasons. This is an API introduced with Java 8 and probably promoted as a modern replacement for legacy time-keeping code. System.currentTimeMillis() offers precision to the millisecond but its accuracy still depends on the underlying machine.

He likes to play Mario on the actual console rather than an emulator, but he has the console rigged so it can create savestates that allow him to replay sections of the game quickly. Now that he plays the game at such a high level, though, he’s gained a new appreciation of the way the game actually works.
Though it only lasts a little under five minutes, it is full of little tricks that the average person knows nothing about. This may sound counterintuitive — doesn’t Mario have to travel a shorter distance at the bottom of the flagpole? Not only does Mario lose speed if he touches the ground while swimming, holding right after he touches the ground also slows him down. In the Mushroom Kingdom, buses operate on an oddly specific schedule, such that every 0.35 seconds a bus departs. The famous Bullet Bill glitch at the 8-2 mark, for example, is something Darbian can only do around 10 per cent of the time. Like those games, you move from node to node to complete single-level puzzles that grow steadily more challenging. It is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any entity other than yours truely: William Malone. The starting point of the activity is relevant because other activities that ran in parallel can be investigated.
For example: Leap seconds are one-second adjustments added to the UTC time to synchronize it with solar time.
This is why, in some cases, it might happen that two subsequent calls can return the same number even if they are in fact more than 1ms apart. At night, he’s a speedrunner who has spent months trying to improve his Super Mario Bros.
Darbian’s set-up is also special in that it displays his heart rate as he plays the game.
If a run ever goes south, it means Darbian can just start over without losing too much time or progress. And as more people play the game, the strategies and routes become more optimised, which means that any subsequent improvements on the world record become harder and harder to obtain.
Funnily enough, sometimes it’s better for a runner to wait for a good number on the timer rather than beat a level right away, because the time lost to the fireworks may be bigger than the time spent idling. It's important to note though that a line such as the one above is normally indicative of poor logging because if the starting point is relevant it can be calculated programmatically (and printed) at the moment of logging.

When multiple topics are involved, a UID is necessary to correlate asynchronous callbacks with initial requests.
In a database context, records can have a relevance that is limited in time and therefore they can expire as well. If you managed to hit the wall jump pixel AND hit the A button to jump during the frame that Mario is standing in the wall, you’ll execute a wall jump. If the player has finished the current level, the next level will load right away, no problem. In my experience i found the perfect time-keeping architecture emerges naturally from this: the Unix Epoch is January 1st, 1970, midnight, UTC. The 'uniqueness' idea comes to solve the sniffing (or one shot token theft) problem: a one shot token should have a lifespan of 'one attempt' (preventing further, malicious attempts) and for security reasons the lifetime of the one shot token itself should be minimised. If the player hasn’t reached the end within that set of 21 frames, then there is a waiting period until the next check occurs, which then adds time to the counter.
Therefore these tokens sometimes encrypt a high-resolution timestamp within their content or might base the salt value on such a timestamp. For example, a record in a database can have, depending on utility, a time-based unique id as a primary key - that time can actually be the insertion time of the record into the database. Google uses a technique called leap smear on its servers, which, instead of adding an extra second, extends seconds prior to the end of the day by a few milliseconds each so that the day will last 1000 milliseconds longer.
The 21 frame loading rule can also act as a buffer: even if a player technically plays slower than another runner, so long as the level is beat within that same frame window, they will achieve the same final time for that level. A different but related programming challenge is to keep timestamps in the database in an ascending order during leap seconds.
In current computer science problems (and probably most scientific ones) UTC and GMT expressed in absolute value happen to have identical values so they have been used interchangeably.A detailed analysis reveals that literature and history here are a bit ambiguous.
Unlike GMT which is based on solar time and originally calculated a second as a fraction of the time it takes for the Earth to make a full rotation around its axis, UTC calculates a second as “the duration of 9192631770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium 133 atom”. These 2 turning points (different definition of a second and the introduction of leap seconds) ‘forced’ GMT to be the same as UTC based on what seemed a gradual, tacit convention. From this point of view the name “GMT” seems deprecated, but kept around for backward compatibility, traditional timezone based representation of time and sometimes legal reasons.

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