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Sesame seed oil in an Ayurvedic Super Healer – meaning the oil is used to make many of the Ayurvedic formulas. Body System: Sesame seed oil supports the body’s digestive system, nervous system, muscle and skeletal system (bone, nail, hair and skin), and the reproductive system. Minerals: Magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, molybdenum, selenium and zinc. Unrefined, cold pressed, extra virgin sesame oil from the first pressing is the best oil you can purchase. The oil is amazing for teeth and gum health as it strengthens the teeth, keeps bad bacteria’s at bay and whitens teeth. Using sesame seed oil against diaper rashes is ideal as it prevents the rash caused due to the acidity of the body wastes.

Promotes energy after whole body massage as sesame seed oil can protect the body against airborne viruses and bacteria’s. I also own a squeeze bottle where I pour the amount of oil I need and set it on a bowl in hot water. I buy a 2 litre sesame seed oil bottle and use half for body care and other half for cooking. Copper in sesame seed helps to reduce pain and swelling in Rheumatoid Arthritis, zinc can maintains bone mineral density and calcium helps to prevent bone loss that can be due to menopause in women. Please check my previous blogs on abhyanga, nasya treatment and oil pulling to practice the oil application correctly. As a student of Ayurveda I was much open to new and exciting ways to heal the body and mind.

When I started working at Health Food stores around Mississauga and Toronto – I became popular amongst the shoppers for teaching the value of using oils for various daily regimes. Therefore choosing lightly filtered sesame seed oil is the best as it retains the aroma from the sesame’s seed, the rich nutty flavor, and nutrients. Therefore when told we are warming up the oil and slathering it (meaning gently massaging it) all over the body – I thought to myself umm – ok I will just go home and shower. Cold pressed oils will also contain sesamol and sesamin, antioxidants in sesame that are natural preservatives making it shelf-stable.

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