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Changing the font size on your Android smartphone is nothing new, but having a device as large as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.7-inch screen makes this option all the more worthwhile. As you can see above the default font size comes in set as small, which is a fairly balanced size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but you’ll be able to make it super tiny or outright huge if you need. Increasing the font size can be done two different ways with the Galaxy Note 3 and most Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and both are in the same setting menu on the device. Then for those with impaired vision Samsung also has the same option and more in the Accessibility menu.
It’s arguably one of the most important components of your phone—you spend much of your time tapping away on it but how well do you actually know your keyboard?
The main problem I find with leaving XT9 on is that it corrects words I don’t want to have corrected, and memorizes arbitrary words. If you’ve decided that you like having XT9 and you would prefer it to learn your texting style, there are two ways for it to learn how you type.
We have yet to figure out what exactly Auto-append and Regional Correction  do, so feel free to give us a tip if you know!
I had an HTC Sensation XE, and when typing a text, it had a feature that factored in someone hitting keys next to the keys one actually had to use to complete a word. You also could change background color or maybe select a image from your smartphone gallery, you also have a collection of perfect preset images to choice. You will get some posters really professional made by yourself, and of course you will be able to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, Twitter, any social media you choice, email, Flipboard, Picasa, flickr, Hangouts, Pinterest and many more.
We've compiled this series of mobile apps for designers that can help you work on your designs on the move, many with surprisingly professional results. This app is used to calibrate locations realized with infsoft’s unique indoor navigation technology. VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning toys. This app is used to calibrate the QR Code based fall back solution of infsoft’s unique indoor navigation technology. Indoor localisation and navigation solutions by infsoft provide a better orientation in complex buildings around the world.
Complete jigsaw puzzles while learning about musical instruments and identifying the sounds they make. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. I am using the following code to change font text of whatever typed in text box and it works great, what i want to do now is display the text as CURVE using Jquery something like below.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged jquery or ask your own question. Did Hillary Clinton refuse to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organisation when the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department asked?
Why does the voltage of vinegar batteries in series not equal the sum of the individual voltages? Use a phone to make a couple of calls or the occasional text, and it'll last for days on a single charge. Part of the problem comes down to the periodic table, and scientists' challenge to use the same elements in novel ways.
There are only so many chemicals you can use to create a battery, and there are fewer combinations that are stable enough not to erupt when damaged.
As a result, Leyden says its batteries have a longer lifespan than today's lithium ion batteries, between 750 and 800 charging cycles until the battery hits 80 percent of its original capacity, versus the 350-to-500-cycle average of regular lithium ion batteries.
Many researchers have a crush on silicon as the solution to better battery life, specifically making anodes out of the stuff, and for good reason. Stanford's research team claims that its silicon-headed lithium ion batteries last for 6,000 charging cycles before reaching 85 percent of the battery's original capacity.

Researchers out of Washington State University are also on the quest to replace the traditional graphite anode with another electrode substance. Much battery R&D focuses on improving one part of the creation process, but Amy Prieto has much more radical plans. A battery that can go the distance isn't just about leaving the charger at home for a day or two; it's also about creating smarter smartphones. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. For many the Note 3 is the perfect device simply because the larger screen is easier on their aging eyes, just like my parents who both have the Note 2, and you’ll be happy to know you can make it even better by increasing the font size. Below is a simple few pictures and instructions on how you can do this on most Android devices, and all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Changing the font on your Android smartphone has always been easy, and with Samsung there’s two different ways, both which are extremely simple and detailed below. You’ll want to start by tapping the menu button on your device (left of the home button) and selecting system settings. Being a setting completely based on personal needs, there’s no opinion that matters here. Out-of-the-box the keyboard works just fine but I found that due to my extensive use of slang, ebonics and inside jokes whilst texting, XT9’s was auto-correcting and thus hindering my typing abilities. It’s worth noting that of the top 10 most popular smartphones, Samsung can claim seven out of the ten spots, while Apple can claim just three (albeit, three of the top four, and with all of its flagship devices). I recently had it serviced and when I got it back, I noticed that some features were missing from my messaging screen. Now I have a samsung galaxy s3 mini, and even though it offers me choices of words below the typing area, I found the option in my HTC MUCH better! Now that I changed to S II, the letters that first come up when typing are totally different from what they used to be. One trick to eke out longer battery life is to simply pack in a larger battery, as with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (3,100mAh battery.) However, those oversize screens need more power to shine brightly. Use it as your data center, communications hub, and entertainment nexus, and you're looking at a nightly recharge.Streaming music and videos gobbles up the most battery, but so does downloading and uploading apps, photos, and status updates.
Lithium ion batteries have two electrodes -- an anode and a cathode -- and an electrolyte material in between that carries the ions from one electrode to the other to complete the charge or discharge.Here in Leyden Energy's cleanroom facility, technicians develop and test batteries made with a specialized solution that promise to last 10 percent longer per charge. All told, Leyden promises up to three times the cycle life of a battery, and triple the calendar life, depending on how long the battery could sit in a warm warehouse before it's shipped out in a device.Although Leyden's patent-protected imide salts don't have the same boom-pow factor as a silicon anode (described below), there's the added benefit that Leyden's batteries keep the same form factor and assembly line as ever. This time, tin.Lead researcher Grant Norton and his team report findings that a tin anode can almost triple the capacity of the lithium ion battery's usual graphite head.
The company she founded, Prieto Battery, is giving the entire power cell a makeover.Prieto reimagines the lithium ion battery in a 3D solid-state form, with no liquid electrolyte at all.
Instead of graphite, Prieto uses copper antimonide, a compound that stores more lithium per unit of volume than graphite does.
Let’s take a look at how to customize the XT9 and other settings to maximize your typing efficiency!
Previously, when texting, I would press the space bar and common punctuation marks would pop up below the text box so I wouldn’t have to switch to the keyboard with punctuation. I use Finnish as language, and the most common letter from number 8 (I use the 3×4 grid) in the Finnish language is T.
A second tactic is to use embedded (read: nonremovable) batteries in phones, like HTC's One X, Motorola's Droid Razr phones, and every Apple iPhone. Leyden's electrolyte material uses lithium imide as the electrolyte salt, a compound that keeps the chemicals inside more stable, especially when the battery reaches higher temperatures. There was just one major drawback: silicon anodes quickly swelled and then cracked, deteriorating the battery.
True, the battery wouldn't be as powerful as silicon's potential, but it also isn't as short-lived as those earlier experiments.The team's tin method uses electroplating, a process that binds metal to another surface (in this case, copper).

Instead, copper foam (first generation) or a nanowire structure (second generation) forms the backbone, with the anode, cathode, and electrolyte material all coated on top using a similar electroplating process as the tin solution above. All told, a Prieto battery is projected to last 10 full hours and completely charge in 5 minutes. Here you’ll be able to increase the font like above, but also enable gesture to magnify text when needed, not to mention set colors to negative for the visually impaired. There are two ways to go about remedying this problem: 1) you can teach (manually input) XT9 all of the words you use, or 2) simply deactivate the feature. Also, when typing in a word that isn’t a real word, it gave me the option to save it by tapping the word again. My Gio’s first suggestion was always V and I grew used to it, although it seemed a bit odd. But now that i figured out how to get to it, I was able to configure it to suit my needs perfectly. A nanostructure also lets Cui fashion "anti-space," which he says leaves room for materials to expand without breaking the whole.In addition, shrinking the component parts helps fashion a battery that's lighter and smaller than the standard lithium ion bundle, but retains the same energy density. Norton claims that the tin anode would not just last longer but also cost less to build than graphite anodes.
The foam or spun nanowire is important because it increases the surface area for the lithium ion movement to take place; the shorter distances between the components means that charges generate very quickly -- theoretically 5 minutes for a complete charge.
An early prototype made with slightly different materials lasted 750 charging cycles before dropping to 80 percent of the total charge capacity. Tapping Font as you see in the image above will bring you to a new menu with Font Style, as well as Font Size. Just head into settings and change the font under the device tab, and you’ll have larger font for easy reading in no time.
They also require less packaging, which gives phone makers more leeway to increase the battery's size.These methods help suck more power out of every brick, but researchers are working on more radical change. The argument of "thermal resilience," keeping internal temperatures cooler, is Leyden's central benefit.You'll shrug into a pair of these gloves before mixing lithium imide salts at Leyden Energy.
Since the rest of the battery would look the same as what you already have in your phone, the design should appeal to device makers. The arrangement keeps the anode and electrolyte in constant contact, which also speeds up reactions.Prieto Battery's solid-state batteries introduce a radical change to the standard model. The final battery blueprint calculates that a Prieto battery will last 30 percent longer than a conventional battery.
Here's a look at some of the exciting evolutions, and even revolutions, coming to the stuff that fuels our smartphones. Likewise, the electroplating process is used often in manufacturing and wouldn't necessarily require machining new tools.
As with the other three fixes to the battery life problem, Prieto batteries are still in development, but Prieto looks to commercialization in 18 months after it licenses the patent-pending architecture to other manufacturers.It turns out that Prieto is also a bit of a Captain Planet, emphasizing that a Prieto battery doesn't call for clean rooms and the only acid it uses is citric.
During delithiation, the silicon structures shrink, and the SEI can break down into separate pieces, exposing fresh silicon surface to the electrolyte. In later cycles, new SEI continues to form on the newly exposed silicon surfaces, and this results in a very thick SEI layer on the outside of the silicon nanowires. Figure b: Similarly, a thick SEI grows outside the silicon nanotube without a mechanical constraining layer, which also has a varying and unstable interface with the electrolyte. Figure c: Designing a mechanical constraining layer on the hollow silicon nanotubes can prevent silicon from expanding outside towards the electrolyte during lithiation.

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