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WOWSlider makes your mobile-ready view perfect - without changing anything - it'll automatically take your slideshow and build an optimized view for touch screen phones. Also you can combine Youtube or Vimeo movies to make visual impression or showcase products and services. I have a problem trying to get the code number to activate my wow slider that I purchase for commercial use 2 years ago.
Please can some one help me how to get this I need to activate on my computer that I clean up and needs to be installed aging. I purchased this plug in at the end of 2013, I can't find my Serial number or code to take off that icon that appears on my pictures. We have purchased a license for WOW but the email address was incorrect we now see on the billing.
All the images are imported from Picasa and I have saved the project and added it to our website. When I reopen the project to change some settings it opens blank and I don’t have any images that were imported into the project. Is there a way to see the images in the project without restarting the import and start from scratch? I did workaround by added just 50 images with application and then directly new images into HTML and script.js.
In this video you can see live demo of the jQuery slider and possible transitions that will wow your site visitors!
As seen in the above demo, the template that is being used offers a very simplistic effect with a straight edged borderless frame that allows the user to concentrate on the visuals. Each image that you see pauses between 2-5 seconds and then slides onto the next image with a stacking effect. During the transition from one image to another, the slideshow uses the stacking effect which allows the leaving frame to be stacked on top by the incoming frame, thus creating a slight lag in between the pictures so that you can see the transition. The advantage of having a borderless template is it allows the slider to either pop against websites that have dark backgrounds, or it allows it to fit in perfectly by blending the white into lighter colored website backgrounds.
Receive a superb mobile-optimized carousel instantly made for you from your contents so your photos and video clip are accessible from all mobiles. The WOWSlider is an excellent choice when it comes to needing a responsive image slider that has amazing visual effects that go beyond the basics.
Hello, I am using wowslider and want to put a slider on a template page rather than a .html.
Hello, I just downloaded Wow Slider and created a slideshow project that I'm really happy with. I really, really like the options that Wow Slider has to offer and would love to buy it for ongoing use, but I have to get a basic test version running on my site first and am not sure what is going wrong. Sorry, I do have one other question - is there a way to tweak the code to force the slider to draw from a particular folder? I am running version 8.6 and want to incorporate the Elastic Move effect for my slide descriptions.
This Sunny Fade slider template offers a soft and very chill transition from slide to slide, allowing your website users to enjoy a relaxing slider of all of your best images.
Upon their arrival to your website, the slider will begin to play automatically, accompanied by the background music of your choice.
An unobtrusive white band across the bottom of the slide fades out in the center so as not to distract from you picture, while the visible areas to the right and left serve as the controls for the music and as the home of the panel preview.
Hello, I would like to purchase WOW slider, is there a link to download a version that is compatible with mac 10.6.8?
I purchased an activation key for your software but I can't find where to enter it to activate the program. Every time I click on "Click to enable this option" under Properties Design the Website open without letting me enter my key. Everything worked until I started working with a new computer for which I downloaded your program from your website again. Since in the current version I found no way to enter the same key I used before, I contacted you.

Is the image description limited to the file name only or is the content variable & easily editable? Through a major computer failure I have had to re-install WowSlider Single Website version on a new computer. When I tried to use it recently I opened a particular project to find that no photos were present. I followed the instructions below to re-download? the program, entered the registration key, but all the project files are still empty. An additional question: Is there a feature to automatically compress photos to the frame size? Please, provide us with more details (your order ID, another e-mail address, your full name).
I have a registered WOW slider software copy that I am trying to get working with the download link on your website for the MAC but I cannot see where to add my licence key? I have followed the steps 100% correctly below and read through FAQ but I am still getting the UNREGISTERED VERSION.
Please, I'm using a FREE license for now, but my computer does not work and had to install on another computer, but it disturbs me. WOWSlider Responsive Image Gallery Maker is completely free for any personal website or for testing purposes. The current responsive image bootstrap gallery has a translucent quadrangle frame which matches well with other translucent elements. Trying to create a slideshow in WowSlider, no problem importing resized images, however when I try and change an element in the design, get a wowslider has stopped working box appear.
If your app keeps crashing, perhaprs you're trying to use too many images in your slideshow. On this iframe image gallery, how come when the page is reduced in size or on a mobile device there's a funny gray box? On this page, when I reduce the size of the browser window, the "request catalog" button at the right will text wrap and go underneath the "home button".
When you view the home page on a phone the photo gallery of course reduces in size for the smaller screen.
My customer was telling me that some slide shows will allow you to use different, move vertical images, for the phone view. So when the customer is on the phone different images are used that are more vertical and will fill more of the screen. I then tried the iframe code and it works like a charm except the resulting photo gallery is not mobile responsive. Wow Slider is a free tool for creating awesome jQuery image sliders with fancy templates which are cross-browser compatible. The second part is to configure photo panel, which is non-imperative, therefore you can leave this part if you want to quickly publish the slider to your website. Once you’ve done tweaking up image settings, head over to Publish window to either upload slider directly to FTP server or publish it offline on specified local location (for testing).
Since every application has some rough edges and catches, the free version places a small watermark at the bottom-right corner. After trying the free watermaked version of WOW Slider I upgraded to the paid for version and am not disappointed by the software or the company. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. This animation effect makes the slider look lively: the butterfly looks like flying on the screen. Once I'm in images and go to click to enable this option it does ask me for my registration. This particular demo is on an auto play option so it does not have any pause or play buttons to click, therefore stopping or pausing the slideshow is not available. Once it has reached the end of the pictures, it loops itself back to the beginning and starts again. The stacking effect allows the user to catch up to the transition because the incoming image stacks onto the leaving image.

It allows those who do not have extensive knowledge of coding, to make a stunning and professional image visual on their website. I am interested in upgrading to the paid version but I need to make sure that it works on my website first.
The WOWSlider Commercial Licenses are for life and include 1 year of complimentary support and free updates.
I am receiving the message that this is an “unregistered version” after I follow the registration steps. You have so many different add-ins on your website I might be missing some different choices.
With the simple to use drag and drop interface, effortlessly build your gallery layouts and preview pictures live directly as you create them.
Please go to Properties -> Design -> Parameter -> chose "Custom size" -> enter the size that you need.
Also, that page is a little out-of-date as you have added the ability to publish to Google Drive. Nonetheless, if you need to change the animation styles, panel height, transition effects along with duration, click Settings button. The paid version (which costs $49) removes the watermark  and comes without having any strings attached. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The text that appears in the bottom left hand corner has a white rectangular box around it, giving it a traditional caption look. The slider comes packed with a point and click wizard that allows users to create fantastic looking visuals without needing an image editor.
Do you know which part of the CSS file I should look at to change the container size and force the images to fit-to-screen?
But if you want to change it for published slider, you should create the new one and embed it again. Search engines can capture the gallery info and crawl your website and still look the way you want. It's really clear, but, because I'm not a coder, I don't have confidence in my ability to get it working on my Weebly sites.
I think that would be a great option for me as all I need to do is use the Embed element in the Weebly Designer and paste the code.
I did have to organize my thinking about how to store the sliders for my website in a way that I could keep track and maintain them all. If you hover your mouse on it, the arrow will have a gray transparent circle on the background. The font that is being used is very easy to read because of the white backing of the box it is in, and the easy dark grey color of the font. So the lightweight framework WOWSlider is built on will also improve the page load time, efficiently boosting your page ranking. The first thing you can do is to hyperlink included images, click a picture and from status bar paste the web link. Adjacent to it, image parameters including size, quality and transition effect can be entered. Underneath these parameters, you can enter time interval to insert delay between slides and effects.
At the slideshow bottom you can see a filmstrip You can effortlessly go to any slide by clicking on thumbnails.

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