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Ash wrote:Funnily enough I just looked at these on my tablet screen and they do look somewhat shady.
Collectors, I want to thank everyone who has helped me thus far on my pet collecting adventure! I've got a Frigid Frostling (25), a Sprite Darter Hatchling (1), and a Widget the Departed (1) I would be open to trade for something else. I have an Emerald Whelpling, an Eye of Observation, and a Rotten Little Helper I would trade for your Purple Puffer.
Thaliana#1794 - My WoW account has 50 toons, so I would so greatly appreciate people creating toons on Kael'Thas or Ghostlands to trade with me. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics and a BSc Honours in Computer Science from the University of Natal.

Before she was appointed to this new role at MTN SA, Naidoo served as the Head of Corporate Channels at Barclays Africa and as CIO at FNB.
This is a really great community of friendly and helpful people and I look forward to being a part of it for many years to come! She also has a Masters degree in Strategic Information Technology Management from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom. Might be just a case of adjusting screen brightness settings.Well i can now see your camo and identify the weapons and the basing with tufts is clear and visible, which I can`t with your original pics? Have fun and remember kindness goes a long way, there is enough anger and meanies in this world!!
A porta 3389 e a padrao desse protocolo e ja vem definida no Windows.Neste exemplo usei a porta local 1024, mas pode ser qualquer uma que nao a 3389.

Depois clique em Open e se autentique no BrazilFW.Depois que colocou usuario e senha no console do BFW, pode minimizar o Putty.
Pronto!Esse mesmo metodo pode ser usado para qualquer servico dentro da rede como por exemplo o pcAnywhere. Se for necessario pode adicionar outro tunel para servicos que usem mais de uma porta.Boa sorte.

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