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Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. The only images we'll be using are for the icons - I'll be creating a sprite using a new tool called SpriteRight, but this is optional. Lastly, we create the submenus by placing an unordered list nested within each of our existing list items. Before we start styling our menu we'll create a wrapper with a fixed width and a font-size of 13px (expressed in em units). Then the anchor tags; we'll add a width of 100% which means they will stretch to the 220px width of the wrapper.
We'll add a CSS3 gradient for the background, I went ahead and created this with GradientApp. The next step will be similar to the previous; we'll add the heights and widths again, we'll change the background to white.
Using the classes for each sub-ul list item, we'll target them and give them each the appropriate background position for the sprite.
Note: I created this sprite using the new app called SpriteRight, if you wish to fiddle around with the sprite, I've included the images and project files in the source files.
Lastly, a hover state (thanks to those in the comments who pointed out its initial absence). First we're storing the sub-menu and the main menu anchor tags in two different variables, this just makes it easy to refer to them later on. Here we're preventing the anchor tags from following any links or changing the address in the address bar.

If the menu is closed, add the class 'active' (so we can access the nice CSS style) and slide it down with a speed of normal. Additionally, I'll be using GradientApp to create my CSS3 gradients, but again this is optional. First we've created an unordered list with five list items, each with an anchor tag inside.
Now if we change the wrapper font size (or our browser default size) the whole menu will adjust in relation to that base. We'll make the width and height of the menu ul auto, then apply a shadow to the whole thing. Next we'll change the font, we'll apply the Helvetica Neue font and a white color along with a text shadow.
It's a good idea to leave comments of your original calculations, so that when you come back to your code in the future you can still decipher what's going on. First we'll target all the sub-ul anchor tags, we'll apply the background sprite and set it to no repeat.
We'll position them absolutely, and push them from the right by 1em, once again - em to make this fluid. We've even used ems on the border radius; we'll need this because if the text is made bigger they'll appear disproportionate. The main differences here are that I've removed the background color, changed the border and changed the font color.
We simply apply a darker color (#32373D) to the anchor text, the pseudo arrow and the number within the span.

Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. This will ensure that our styling is based on the browser default font-size (usually 16px). Notice for the last one it doesn't have a bottom border, so we'll target it with the :last-child pseudo selector to remove it. If we'd used float:left the menus wouldn't smoothly animate, so we use display block to help them move nice and smoothly. We'll give it a font size of 36px although there is no text; we'll use 36px so we can use a width and height of 1em which will now equal 36px.
Stay tuned for a quick tip on how to create this using only CSS3 with the :target pseudo selector.
That's because our base font is 13px for the wrapper which our anchors have inherited, so no need to add it in.
We define a width and height and add some left positioning using ems to ensure it is fluid. We'll also use 2.75em for the line height (to center all text vertically) then apply some text-indent to push text in, making space for our icon later on.

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