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On earlier Apple iOS, the old version of WhatsApp Messenger had a built-in option for changing the font size. So if you are using the latest WhatsApp (yes, it crashes when you are typing) on iOS 8, you will realize you have absolutely no control over the font or text size.
Tip: You can always revert to normal (default font size) by sliding the ball to the middle.
Extra Large Font Size: iOS 8 has another font changing option that forces WhatsApp Messenger to show extremely large fonts.
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If you are looking to install the “unofficial” WhatsApp application, then you are in the right place. Today, we will teach you how to install the Android version of WhatsApp Plus on your Blackberry device. First of all, download WhatsApp from Google Play on your PC and after that, install it on your BlackBerry device.
Now, since you just installed WhatsApp Plus on your device, you should start using the features it comes with. You will also be able to change the header size and colors of chat images, color of the launcher icon, header and the size of the contacts’ image, size and appearance of notifications.
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Comme le veut la tradition, la federation AMPL organisait son salon d’avant-saison ce premier week-end de janvier. Social icon font includes160 hand-drawn icons featured in the original Friendly Icons set by Hand-Drawn Goods.
Icon font allows seamlessly add icons to web layouts and style each icon with CSS, saving time from generating sprites or editing the images. For those who would prefer to generate a custom social icon font using only those Friendly Icons glyphs that are needed for your project — we included source file for each icon in SVG format.
Icon fonts provide unlimited scalability, allow you to change icons size, color and style through CSS stylesheets.

Friendly Icons Font includes characters from the following categories: social networks, apps, platforms, messengers, cloud services, sharing tools and interface elements. Hand-Drawn Goods is a place to shop for the best hand-drawn icons, UI elements for websites and apps! This incredible artist creates unbelievably realistic landscape paintings using her fingers.
Daniel Gerhartz is a talented American artist who romantically paints a world of gentle emotions, evocative beauty and timeless scenery. The audience got a hilarious surprise while watching Andre Rieu's performance, and I'm sure it will brighten your day! In his performance, guitarist Dario Camano shows us how everything is possible through his unbelievable musical talent. This string quartet called 'Joyous String Quartet' are the most talented musicians of their age I've seen so far! Talented artist Steve Casino takes snack food and transforms it into delicate works of art. When it comes to huge performances that lift our hearts in beautiful song, there is no one like Andre Rieu.
This particular magic trick will have you wondering how magician Dani Lary managed to pull off such an unbelievable illusion. This young artist combines photography and photo-manipulation to create surrealistic and magical worlds.
Halloween is here, and this master pumpkin carver's incredible creations will give you the spooks!
Who would have thought that it's possible to create art like this using just pieces of paper and a black pen?
It's incredible how much patience is required to be able sculpt such amazing shapes out of a simple, tiny pencil tip. A truly emotional interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", sung by a young, talented singer, with unbelievably powerful vocal abilities. Have you always wanted to visit the most famous museums in the world, but never had the time or money?
When you first see these bronze statues, you may think they're pretty good, but once the water starts flowing, you'll be astonished.

American Artists Timothy C Tyler creates beautiful worlds with every brushstroke, transforming a plain canvas into a scene filled with color, romance, innocence and tradition. Bringing the lost voice of Edith Piaf back to life, Andrea Bocelli will make you thrilled you chose to listen to this extraordinary performance. It's amazing what some artists can create right in front of your very eyes, and you'll still have trouble believing it! Elders and people with poor vision will find this useful as it will help them in reading and typing messages easily. If you are not sure what is WhatsApp Plus and with what is different from the official WhatsApp application, then we can say that aside from the great privacy features it offers, you can also customize the application the way you want. Keep in mind that in order to install it, your device will have to run on Blackberry OS 10. After it gets installed, talk with a friend for a few minutes (3-5minutes) and after that, do a backup, but make sure you know where the backup file is stored on your device (you will need it later). The application has over 700 themes which you can change, allowing you to customize the application the way you want. However, the downside of this feature is that if the other person you’re talking with doesn’t have WhatsApp Plus installed, (s)he will not be able to see the emoticons that are found only on WhatsApp Plus.
Deux jours durant, pilotes, supporters et sympathisants se sont succedes a  Bastogne, les uns pour y retirer leur licence aupres de la federation luxembourgeoise pour la prochaine saison, les autres pour y decouvrir les nouveautes proposees par les concessionnaires et accessoiristes qui suivent le championnat AMPL.
There is also CSS file with all font classes and a demo HTML document showing all the font glyphs and mappings.
This California-based artist reimagines a bygone era in striking oil colors, and her love for the period shines through. You will also be able to send larger files, which means you can now send files up to 50MB, while the official application allows you to send only files that are up to 20MB. To authentically paint Colonial America, Meadow spends a lot of time researching the period to make sure she portrays the details of the clothing, hair styles and home interiors of the era correctly.
Now, copy the backup file on the folder where WhatsApp Plus v5.12D is and after that, open the unofficial application.

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