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Windows 7 comes with a useful sticky notes, the only problem is the lack of features and almost unreadable font size and style. The most interesting thing is you can get the installer file to install it on your PC or get the portable version as well.
All the notes will be saved instantly and without any further action.ResophNotes assists users to categorize notes by tags. That means, suppose, if you have created a note for your office, you can add a tag, Office or Work.

To add tag, just click on Add tag button that is positioned above the empty space on the right side.First time users need to click on plus icon and write down the desired tag. You can click and add notes using Simplenote on your mobile and web.ResophNotes helps users to synchronize their notes with Simplenote so that they can use these from anywhere. Instead of using Sticky Notes, you can try ResophNotes, which is a great substitute to that. Where to download beautiful wedding fonts, creative calligraphy fonts, royalty free cursive fonts?

Here are two websites that provides free professional looking fonts, on par with some of the most popular such as Myriad, Helvetica, Trajan and more.

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