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There are plenty of ways to personalize an Android phone -- through downloading third-party apps or even more drastically, downloading ROMs -- but the Samsung Galaxy S5 gives you a handful of built-in options that don't require you to install a thing. One change from the Galaxy S4 is the ability to choose photos from the Studio editor, Google Photos, and both Favorites and Screenshots in addition to pictures from the general camera gallery. One other note -- you won't see any of these at-a-glance details if you have a running doc of alerts. Also missing is the phone's wake-up command, and an unlock effect that lets you trace a trail of light, for instance, as you drag your finger over the locked display. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android phone : The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android phone offers a brilliant 6-inch HD touchscreen display.
Never miss a moment with the intuitive and responsive 8 megapixel 4x zoom rear camera, and enjoy your photos on the large 6-inch and immersive display. In owner info enter your name with alternate mobile phone number that is of some other phone like your mother's or father's phone or a separate phone of yours. Good typography is glorious – after all, nobody wants to read a note on the office fridge written in Comic Sans. Installing fonts used to be incredibly arduous, but it gets easier with each new version of Windows. Head to a font repository, such as DaFont or Google Fonts, and download your font of choice.
The ultimate guide android wallpapers - addictivetips, Bro whats my problem is i like to make hd wallpapers or better quality wallpapers for my android mobile samsung galaxy s ii its resolution is 480*800 pix. Whatsapp tips tricks: master messaging - androidpit, How to enable the whatsapp call in android phone if it is blocked in your country? You may remember some of these tricks from previous Galaxy S phones, but a few are brand-new.
Change the fontI'm going to assume you already know how to swap out your phone's wallpaper and add and delete folders and widgets. On the Galaxy S4 , folders have a circular motif, but here on the Galaxy S5, they're square icons of tabbed file folders.
Close My Magazine This very same Home Screen Settings menu is where to go if you decide it's time to close the pages of Samsung's My Magazine newsfeed for good.
The powerful quad-core processor provides for extra media processing speed and superb battery management. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android phone has the power to keep up with virtually anything you do. The camera’s on-screen controls make sure you’re ready to snap a picture at a moment’s notice. Take Screenshots: To capture screenshots on Galaxy Core Duos press the home and power button at the same time for two seconds.

Enable Blocking Mode: When blocking mode is enabled then only notifications for selected features will be disabled. Change Font Size: If you find the default font size too small or too large on your Galaxy Core Duos then you can easily change the font size. Enable Smart Stay: Samsung Smart Stay is a smart feature only found in Samsung android smartphones.
Display Battery Percentage: Enabling battery percentage % will let you know the percentage of battery remaining on your phone so that you can control its usage to save battery.
Enable Power Saving Mode: Power Saving Mode will enhance the battery life by lowering CPU usage and lowering screen brightness. This info with your name and phone number on the lockscreen will help you get back your phone if its lost. Enable Remote Controls And Mobile Tracker: With remote controls you can remotely wipe or track your lost Galaxy Core Duos with Samsung Dive and with SIM change alert you will be get notified of the thief's phone number when the SIM is changed on your phone. Suppose your phone is lying on a flast surface with its screen facing the surface then when you pick it up it will vibrate just to notify that you have either received a messaged or a missed call. Auto Date and Time: When this option is enabled then your phone will automatically update the date and time with current time zone.
View Serial Number: Serial number is a unique number which helps to identifiy a particular device.
Use Camera Flash As Torch: You can use the camera flash as torch whenever you go into dark. Access Task Manager: To open task manager on your Galaxy Core Duos just long press the home button and tap the left most task bar icon.
While Windows 10 has a wealth of good fonts installed by default, there are plenty of excellent – and free – typefaces out there if you want a fresh look for your document. Some fonts come with multiple files for Italic, Bold, Underline and different heading sizes. Be careful to not delete standard system fonts, as they can be tricky to get back and some of your apps and software may use them as default typefaces. Enjoy an interruption-free experience when you’re watching a movie, browsing, texting, or making a phone call. Add the versatility of a front-facing digital camera for picture-in-picture photos and videos. In this tutorial I am going to tell you about some tips and tricks of Galaxy Core Duos, the tricks are same for the  Galaxy Core GT-I8260 single SIM model.
If a righteous person finds it then he will definitely call you on the alternate number and return the phone to you.
To learn more about Samsung Dive please read this article and to learn about Samsung remote controls and Mobile tracker please read this.

To use camera flash as torch on your Galaxy Core Duos just open the app drawer and tap the 'Widgets' tab. The heart of the Galaxy Mega 2 is Android 4.4 (KitKat) and a quad-core processor that’s ideal for running complex applications.
The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 displays a small, transparent, and customizable pop-up window so you can keep doing what you’re doing. Say your name The ability to assign a personal message to yourself on the Galaxy S5's lock screen is somewhat diminished from previous versions of TouchWiz, but it hasn't disappeared completely.
That means greater productivity and effectiveness when you’re working, and faster processing for your movies, pictures, and streaming media when you’re having fun. Your movie-viewing experience on the Galaxy Mega 2 is enhanced with the Movable Mini-Controller, a small, semi-transparent controller made for interruption-free operation. From here, you can also download more options -- they mostly cost $1, but a few go up to $4. For people who prefer to keep all their most important apps on a single home screen, this is valuable real estate for app-y shortcuts.3. Make home-screen transitions 3D Swipe from one home screen to the next slowly enough and you'll notice a nifty transition that temporarily makes screens transparent and then slides one over the other in a subtle animation. It also means an efficient battery, and Ultra Power Saving Mode helps you get the most out of your Galaxy Mega 2’s battery. The Mini-Controller is customizable: change the subtitles, font size, color, time sync, and text position on the screen. In other words, you swipe to the right to get into the newsfeed, but it is ultimately optional.6. Screensaver fun Daydream is a screensaver that Android phones display when idle or docked. You'll need to first find a blank space on a home screen, then press and hold until you see controls appear.
There are also other third-party apps that can hook into Daydream.Daydream has been around for awhile, but has a few new photo options.
Card Stack is the default view, but you can also turn on 3D Rotation or not transition at all. No transition at all still turns screens transparent while swiping, but lays them out flat like a filmstrip, without any stacking or turning. It's a very understated feature, but I do like the opportunity to mix things up.The 3D transition is a neat alternative to the Galaxy S5's standard transition.

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