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If you have examined your drawing, let’s start creating blocks that you can use later in your next drawings.
Just for your further consideration, these are some common objects we can create as blocks.
The main benefits of blocks is it reduces repetitive task, maintain standard, easier to modify, and make your drawing more intelligent.
After you read what we can do with blocks above, do you think you can have more benefits from it? The best reason for blocks is you can insert or copy them quickly and they give accurate results which means less time spent on a drawing and therefore less money spent by the company. A dynamic block with visibility states allows you to change the appearance without having to delete it and replace it with another block.

BYBLOCK can be useful if a block needs to be a different color or linetype than the layer it is put on. And if you use Sheet Sets, you can even share the common values to all drawings in your project. I created a dynamic pipe block that has text on a no plot layer that shows the length and size using fields. Doesn’t matter if you have dozens or even hundreds of similar objects, they are updated instantly. By The way, if some unexperienced user try change color or linetype, He did it easy with ByBlock and this is better way instead explode block as usual. I expected some improvements for new version of AutoCAD as possiblity for more visibility states.

It is better to use a solid or dense associative hatch and a color with 1% screening so it prints white.
I am always coming up with new ways to use dynamic blocks and am fortunate to own my own copy of AutoCAD so I can play with them at home and not feel I am wasting company time. Actuall is there some limitations as working with wipeouts, lost grips in some situations, some issues if combine attributes and annotation scale (lost position of attribute), etc. This is very helpful in reviewing the file to be sure the correct size is used and for creating construction notes.

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