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Subscribe weekly newsletter to keep update about latest news, technology, gadgets, movies & tips. Computer displays are growing bigger all the time, and that means they display graphics at much higher resolutions than old CRT monitors did. Luckily, you can increase the size of text through software, without having to sacrifice that high-definition resolution. Remember, for optimal browsing and posture, adjust the size of on-screen text so that it permits you to read comfortably at a distance of 3 to 5 feet. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements. Font Awesome is specifically designed for Boostrap which is the front-end network that helps developers to create responsive and mobile projects online. Extract the Font Awesome icon by exporting the play and stop icon in 24 x 24 image pixel using this code. Extract the Font Awesome icon by exporting the asterisk icon in 32 x 32 image pixel using this code. Simply modify the size according to your preference by either reducing or adding the numbers from the code. Actually there is a more easy way to do this thing - to use a free Iconion that converts Font Awesome into beautiful PNG icons in a couple of clicks.
This morning Microsoft unveiled its new Bing for Schools initiative, a voluntary program that offers schools in the US a custom tailored version of its Bing search engine that is K-12 appropriate.
Action Center will show you a warning message from Microsoft Windows “You must logoff your computer to apply these changes. Although you can view more things on screen in higher definition, a larger display also makes everything look smaller, and it may even make text too hard to read.
You have a few ways to accomplish this, but here are the easiest methods in several popular Web browsers and operating systems. In the Display window that appears, choose the Medium font size (125 percent of the default size) or the Larger font size (150 percent of the default size). In the Zoom menu, choose a predefined zoom size (the default is 100 percent) ranging from 50 percent to 400 percent.

Any person at various web design and developing skills can easily use the Font Awesome to deliver more creative icons for their website designs. Each time the Font Awesome adds a new addition of icons to its data you can make the proper modification according to the style that you want to have from the Font Awesome icon in PNG file.
The latest version is the Font Awesome 4.0 that is constantly updated with awesome new iconic designs and they come in various categories. There are a lot of customization options that are available for the web designers to choose from by including the creation of inland icons, larger icons and fixed width icons, spinning icons, stacked icons and rotated and flipped icons. The best thing about Font Awesome is that it is an open source and anyone can always scale the icon size accordingly without compromising the graphic quality of the icons.
IconArchive is loaded with more than 330,000 professionally designed icons.May 01, 2014 Font Awesome, Entypo, Linecons, TypeiconsIconion is the innovation amongst the innovations. The customization process removes all advertisements from the search engine you to Microsoft believe that schools "are fore learning and not for selling".    SafeSearch, brings built-in adult content filter is configured to the strictest settings by default and is locked down so students are unable to change it back manually.
This allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text while your system is set to its optimal resolution. If you don't like those settings, you can fine-tune the text size to your liking by selecting the Set custom text size (DPI) option. Windows will warn that the changes will not go into effect until you log off and then log back in to the system.
You can continue pressing either of these two keys until you reach a comfortable zoom level. Next, click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, and select Options. You can choose between multiple sizes of text ranging from Very Small to Very Large, and the changes will take effect immediately.
If you'd prefer to fine-tune the size yourself, you can click the Custom option and specify your own percentage. The CSS platform provides a style language that allows you to design the layout of documents in HTML file.
With a single font you can create 369 differently styled icons with a pictographic language feature. Using PNG supports images that are palette based, full color non-palette based and in grayscale images.

You can choose from these icons: brand, web application, currency, form control, directional, text editor, medical and video player. Sometimes changing the image size can compromise the pixilation of the image especially when its size is magnified. Microsoft says that there will also be many more enhanced privacy protections, but declined to elaborate further. You can optimize the various parameters of your icons with Font Awesome such as changing the font type, font size, icon size, colors, margins, shadow, width and other advanced positioning of an icon.
PNG is the most commonly used lossless image compression format that is widely used by web designers. This issue does not occur to the Font Awesome icons because it has the ability to retain its original pixels in high quality condition. Compatibility issue is not a problem with Font Awesome because it does not require JavaScript.
Web designers recommend the use a Font Awesome icon that is not less than 216px x 216px in size when designing the icon in PNG format to retain better quality of the icon image. Its scalable vectors allow you to change the size of your icon in order to fit any design and make your iconic designs look awesome. For example, the texts including those on the menu bar or the content of a Chinese software may appear to be cluttered, messed up or showing random characters that don’t make sense. If it doesn’t help to use the default setting, you may just change to your desired language and override the Windows display language. Please take note that changing this setting may affect other programs that needed the previous language you’ve set.
However, when I select the language and hit apply a message comes up asking me to insert the XP Pro SP3 CD.

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