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Workers at Central Foundation Girls’ School in East London are engaged in a battle against job losses, pay cuts and workload increases.
After a solid strike by both NUT and Unison on 24 April, management are shifting, and have backtracked from cutting support staff pay this year. The CFGS workers are fighting to win, using tactics different from many strikes – cross-union solidarity, joint union meetings, a strike fund, a regular strike bulletin and decisions made by regular votes of members. They are insisting that workers should not pay for the bosses’ crisis at any level, local or national.
The CFGS workers are going to strike again on 11 May, this Friday, if management do not back down before then.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On Wednesday 6th July, over 100 guests including students, staff, parents, governors and staff from fellow schools came together at the opening of the new Churston Ferrers Art and Music Centre. The new centre has involved converting the old music and art rooms through a refurbishment and extension, to create a very large new music and performance space, with smaller practice rooms off these. The project cost ?500,000 and was funded through the EFA (Education Finance Agency) providing ?430,000 with the rest of the funding coming from school funds and money raised by the school community.
In the past the facilities for Art and Music were some of the oldest in the school and very outdated. Headteacher Bob Owers said, “The addition of our new Art and Music Block is a reflection of the importance we attach to the arts at Churston Ferrers Grammar School.

The Chicago Flower & Garden Show has attracted Midwestern garden lovers to the city for over 150 years. The project began when Flower Show Productions realized that their outdated website clashed aesthetically with their new branding. The BatesMeron team wasted no time creating a fresh new design that would be as intuitive and engaging as it was beautiful. We began designing and developing their mobile-friendly website using a bright and bold illustrated theme that matched the feel of the logo. As a result, the Chicago Flower & Garden Show is creating excitement and buzz among visitors of all ages, encouraging them to get involved and share the joy of gardening. With their site refreshed and their audience energized, the 2016 Show is sure to be the biggest event to date.
We work with a broad spectrum of businesses, professional associations, nonprofits and new ventures. Also one art room was refurbished, with a new big store, office and a large new classroom that contains a gallery space. Plans have been in process since 2013, after initial bids for funding were not successful, but continued determination and new plans have enabled the project to be successful. With great work being produced in these departments, a music performance area and art gallery, alongside upgraded teaching areas was a priority for the school. BatesMeron has worked with the iconic event since 2011, providing branding, marketing and promotional support. The old website also needed major improvements in terms of easy updateability, responsive design, strategic content placement and a more direct call-to-action—especially for buying tickets to the show.

Alongside ease of content, stunning photography and imagery were the driving factors behind the new site’s concept.
With newly organized navigation and a prominent “Buy Tickets” button on every page, visitors can now learn and purchase tickets to the show with ease. And this increased participation isn’t limited to attendees—the company is also attracting more event sponsors through the new and engaging pages dedicated to third-party involvement. Applying our branding and marketing acumen, we help make smart people rich and cool people famous. We enjoyed listening to the music in the new music room and particularly enjoyed the last piano piece, which was played with such expertise, with emotional phrasing. The Flower & Garden Show is an extremely visual event by nature, so their site needed to reflect the artistry and vibrancy visitors can expect from the show itself. The homepage highlights the event’s attractions with fan favorites in rotating sliders and quick links. We also included a live countdown clock to the show’s opening, which helps build anticipation for next year’s event and promotes current ticket sales.

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