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Download nVidiaInspector, this is an app that allows you to change your NVIDIA driver settings more explicitly. A note on legality: Since we are simply changing a setting in the NVIDIA driver, I don’t think that tournaments or competitions could or should view this as a cheat or a hack. For more information check out the official site and online store of follow Damage Control on Facebook.
I tried all different posibilities that people says on comments, and my game still seems to make no reaction to any of those changes.

Controversial Hearthstone Card Removed Before Official Release Players have already taken a disliking to the new upcoming cards.
Valve Reveal Monkey King at TI6 The first official hero to be added to Dota 2 will be coming in the Fall Update.
In order to make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a config file that has the correct settings for nVidiaInspector, download it here and unzip it.
Competitive players rely on customizing their own configuration with an emphasis on clarity, simplicity and less distractions in order to focus on the important aspects of the game.

However, no third-party software, like nVidiaInspector, is permitted for use in the Telkom Gaming League or any associated tournaments.

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