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Tags: City Football Group, CMC (China Media Capital) Holdings, Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC, New York City FC, Yokohama F.
City Football Group (CFG) signals China growth as CMC Holdings led-consortium acquires 13% CFG minority shareholding.
CFG, the owner of football related clubs and businesses including Manchester City FC, New York City FC, Melbourne City FC, and a minority shareholder in Yokohama F. The deal will create an unprecedented platform for the growth of CFG clubs and companies in China and internationally, borne out of CFG’s ability to provide a wealth of industry expertise and resources to the rapidly developing Chinese football industry.
The agreement will see the consortium of CMC Holdings and CITIC Capital invest US$400m to take a shareholding in City Football Group of just over 13%. The announcement follows more than six months of discussions among the parties to find the optimum model and associated strategies for the partnership. The deal will see new shares issued in City Football Group in addition to the ones held by the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), the investment and development company privately owned by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and prior to this transaction the sole shareholder of City Football Group. Football is the most loved, played and watched sport in the world and in China, the exponential growth pathway for the game is both unique and hugely exciting. Our partners have an incredible track record of creating value and could not be better placed to help us further evolve City Football Group.

PanStadia & Arena Management has quickly become the leading publication for the business of stadia, arenas, sport & live entertainment events and venues on a global scale, with some 20,000+ named high-level industry professionals receiving the magazine on a quarterly basis.
Featuring high-quality, in-depth editorials, all carefully researched and professionally written, along with client case studies and a comprehensive Facility Watch detailing the latest projects, all presented in a bold, modern and intuitive design, PanStadia & Arena Management is the professionals' choice. Below you will find some extra World of Warcraft screenshots like Isle of Conquest screenshot. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Below you will find some extra Counter-Strike Source screenshots like Counter Strike Source Scoreboard screenshot. The strategic minority shareholding creates an unprecedented platform to deliver CFG growth opportunities in China and internationally.
Marinos, has announced a partnership with a consortium of high-profile Chinese institutional investors led by China’s leading media, entertainment, sports and Internet dedicated investment and operating company, CMC (China Media Capital) Holdings. Ruigang Li, the Chairman of CMC becoming a member of the City Football Group Holding Company Board – which as a result of the agreement, will increase from six to seven members.
We have therefore worked hard to find the right partners and to create the right deal structure to leverage the incredible potential that exists in China, both for CFG and for football at large. Our belief is that we now have an unrivalled platform to grow CFG, our clubs and companies both in China and internationally and we will be working hard with our new partners to realise the potential that this deal creates.

We see unprecedented growth opportunities in both its development as an industry, being China’s most watched sport, and its inspirational role bringing people of all ages together with a shared passion.
Many people like to practice their grenade throws, and you can find many videos on YouTube on how to do a specific smoke or flash.In this guide we will show you some of the most useful console commands, for practicing different grenades and throws. CMC has long been dedicated to creating opportunities that facilitate positive developments in Chinese football from different aspects within the ecosystem.
Gamingcfg is supporting many files including Counter-Strike 1.6 configs, Counter-Strike GO configs, Call of Duty 4 configs, and Team Fortress 2 configs. With its unique business model and distinct successes, City Football Group, whom we have come to know well, represents a differentiated systematic approach to building a global platform for football know-how, player development, academy programmes and commercial partnerships that will benefit China’s football industry on multiple levels. To upload your own wow game screenshot, World of Warcraft gaming screenshots or gaming screenshots related to Isle of Conquest wow then please visit our Upload Gaming Screenshots section. To upload your own css game screenshot, Counter-Strike Source gaming screenshots or gaming screenshots related to Counter Strike Source Scoreboard css then please visit our Upload Gaming Screenshots section.
We and our consortium partner CITIC Capital also see this investment as a prime opportunity for furthering the contribution of China to the global football family.

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