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Mike began his career as a financial advisor in 2002 focusing on comprehensive financial planning. Mike continues to work with advisors to help business owners get the most out of their business in ways that matter most to them. He is dedicated to supporting advisors and financial institutions by providing the best possible solution for their clients. In 2006, Mike changed focus of his practice to comprehensive planning for business owners and created a business advisory group.

He specializes in business advisory services, including individual wealth management, executive and employee benefits, long-term care and Medicare, disability income protection, life insurance, investment and succession strategies.
Lubrifica e protegge dalla corrosione anche in presenza di  prolungate azioni dilavanti di acqua marina e di ampie e ripetute variazioni di temperatura. In 2009, Mike merged his group into Commonwealth Financial Group where he became Senior Partner and the Managing Director of CFG Brokerage Network. In campo industriale, navale, automobilistico, domestico si applica su perni, cerniere, mozzi ruota, cuscinetti per medie velocita e medi carichi, slitte, cavi,  guaine, winch, comandi entro o fuoribordo, timonerie.

01357200532 - REA: 117003 - Tutti i prezzi si intendono IVA esclusa, per accessori e imbarcazioni nuove, se non diversamente indicato.

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